How to Turn On Do Not Track in Safari on the iPhone

Privacy is a big concern when you are browsing the Internet, and most modern browsers offer ways for you to keep your browsing habits private from the websites you are visiting.

They typically want to use this information for advertising purposes, but potentially malicious sites might use this information in other ways.

So if you are concerned about sharing this information, you can take advantage of a feature in the Safari browser on your iPhone called Do Not Track. It’s a simple process to enable this feature, which you can accomplish by following the tutorial below.

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Enabling Do Not Track for Your iPhone’s Web Browser

Note that this is a different feature than private browsing. Private browsing is more focused on keeping your activities private from other people that might use your phone.

You can learn how to enable private browsing on your iPhone 5 here. But if you are looking to enable Do Not Track on your phone, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the settings menu

Step 2: Scroll down and touch the Safari option.

select the safari option

Step 3: Locate the Do Not Track option.

locate the do not track option

Step 4: Move the slider next to Do Not Track from the left to the right. There will be green shading around the slider when it is enabled, as in the image below.

how to turn on do not track in safari on the iphone

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Now that you know how to turn on the “Do Not Track” option in the Safari web browser on your iPhone, you can reduce the amount of tracking that occurs when you are browsing Web pages on the device.

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