How to Change the Auto-Lock Time in iOS 7 on the iPhone 5

There are a lot of features on the iPhone 5 that serve as security functions or that save battery which many people don’t even give a second thought to. One of these features is the Auto-Lock, which actually helps to accomplish both of these things.

If you have a security passphrase set up on your iPhone 5, then it will need to be entered before the phone can be unlocked and accessed. Additionally, when your phone is locked, it is not wasting the battery life that is used to display your app icons and light the screen. But if you find that the auto-lock feature is activating too quickly or too slowly, then you can adjust the amount of time of inactivity that the device waits before it locks itself.


Change the Amount of Time The iPhone 5 Waits Before It Locks in iOS 7

I have previously tried setting the auto-lock feature to never, but found that I inadvertently launched apps or answered phone calls if I forgot to manually lock my phone. Some people are able to remember to do this every time, but it highlights another helpful feature of the auto-lock – it prevents you from activating apps when your phone is in your pocket or in a bag. So, with that in mind, follow the steps below to learn how to adjust the auto-lock time in iOS 7.


Step 1: Touch the Settings icon.

open the iphone 5 settings menu



Step 2: Touch the General button.

open the general menu of the settings menu



Step 3: Scroll down and touch the Auto-Lock option.

select the auto-lock option



Step 4: Select the amount of time that you want the phone to wait before it automatically locks the screen.

how to change the amount of time before the iphone 5 locks in ios 7




If you find the passcode to be annoying or unnecessary, you can learn how to disable it in iOS on your iPhone 5.

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