How to Adjust the Exposure on the iPhone 5 Camera

The iPhone camera has been one of the most widely used camera in existence for several years, due largely to the fact that it was a feature on a very popular device. But as new versions of iOS have been released, additional features have been added to the camera to give you more options when you are taking pictures.

iOS introduced several new features, such as the ability to use a timer when taking pictures, but it also added a function that lets you adjust the exposure on pictures that you are taking. This means that you can manually adjust the exposure level of your images, allowing you to make them darker or lighter as needed. So continue reading below to find out how to do this.

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Change iPhone 5 Camera Exposure

This article was written using an iPhone 5 in iOS 8. This feature is not available in earlier versions of iOS.

Step 1: Open the Camera app.

open the camera app

Step 2: Tap the screen to display a square with a sun icon to the right of it.

tap the screen

Step 3: Drag your finger up or down on the screen to adjust the exposure. You will notice that the image becomes brighter if you drag your finger up, and darker if you drag your finger down.

drag up or down on the screen to adjust exposure

Now that you know how to adjust the exposure on the iPhone 5 camera, you will be able to use this setting to create all kinds of different styles of images on the smartphone.

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