How to Enable or Disable Location Services for the iPhone Weather App

Last updated: February 23, 2017 There is a small arrow icon that will appear at the top of your iPhone screen from time to time. This lets you know that a feature or app on your iPhone is using your location in some way. One app that will periodically use your location is the Weather […]

How to Turn Off an iPhone 5 Without the Lock Button

Buttons on electronics are prone to breaking, and the iPhone 5 is not immune┬áto that potential malady. But the small number of buttons on the device, and the inability to change what each button does, could leave you in a tough spot if your Power or Lock button stops working. A broken Lock button makes […]

How to Factory Reset an iPhone 5 in iOS 9

When upgrading to a new iPhone model, you are often presented with the choice of giving the old device to someone else. But your iPhone can contain a lot of personal information, so it is a good idea to restore that iPhone to its factory default settings. This removes your accounts and data from the […]

How to Revoke App Access to Photos on an iPhone 5

The app ecosystem on your iPhone makes it easy for you to have coexisting apps from both Apple and third-party developers. But in order for third-party apps to use elements from the Apple apps, you need to grant permissions. Permission to use certain features is usually given when you first launch the app, or attempt […]

How to Remove the News App on an iPhone 5

The ability to delete default iPhone apps, such as News, is a feature that iPhone owners have wanted for a long time. Removing the News app from your iPhone, and other lesser-used default apps, could allow for more free space on the device, as well as a less cluttered Home screen. Unfortunately we are currently […]

What Is On the Default Home Screen of an iPhone 5 in iOS 7?

Many people that use an iPhone will discover that they do not use many of the default apps that Apple includes on the device. This can lead you to move the apps into folders, or to move them around to different Home screens. Eventually your iPhone 5 home screen will start to look very different […]

How to Automatically Install Updates on the iPhone 5

Apps for the iPhone often release new updates that improve the way the app functions. Whether it is the addition of a new feature or a fix for a bug in an earlier version, you typically want to install new updates for your apps as they are released. But when you have a lot of […]

How to Create a New iCloud Calendar on the iPhone 5

If you are trying to keep track of the different events and plans that you have coming up, then the Calendar app on your iPhone can be very helpful. You can add an event as you find out about it, then rely on the calendar to remind you when it is coming up. But keeping […]

How to Share a Web Page Via Messages on the iPhone 5

It’s very common for someone to be browsing the Internet and find an article or Web page that they want to show to someone else. There are a lot of ways that you might describe the method for finding this page, but it is easiest to send a link. You can share a Web page […]

Why Can’t I Delete Apps on my iPhone?

Deleting an app on the iPhone can be a little tricky the first time you try to do it. It’s an odd interaction, and you have probably not tried anything similar to it if this is your first experience with an iPhone or an iPad. But if you have read our article on deleting iPhone […]