How to Add Messages to the iPhone 5 Dock

The default icon layout on your iPhone 5 is pretty convenient for a lot of iPhone users.

But over time, you will start to add more and more apps, likely to the point where you will need to frequently switch between the different screens to find what you are looking for.

However, the four icons at the bottom of your screen called the “dock”, will remain in the same location, regardless of the screen that you are on.

So it makes sense to put your four most frequently used apps in that location to allow for easy access. So if you want to put your Messages app in the dock, continue reading below.

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How to Put the Messages Icon in the Dock at the Bottom of the iPhone 5 Screen

While this article is being written specifically to address the Messages app, this will work for any other app that you might want to add to your dock.

So, for example, if you prefer to use the Chrome browser app instead of Safari, you could swap those icons as well.

Step 1: Locate your Messages app.

locate the messages app

Step 2: Tap and hold the Messages icon until it shakes.

Note that an X will appear at the top-left corner of some of the other apps on your screen. You can delete apps by pressing that X, although some apps, such as Messages, do not have the X because they cannot be deleted.

tap and hold the icon until all of the icons start shaking

Step 3: Drag the icon that you want to remove out of the dock. In my case, I am removing the Music icon.

drag the unwanted icon from the dock

Your dock should now have just three icons.

sample dock with three icons

Step 4: Drag the Messages app into the dock. You can drag it to any location in the dock.

drag the messages icon into the dock

Step 5: Press the Home button at the bottom of the phone to settle the apps and complete the process.

how to add the messages app to the iphone 5 dock

Now that you know how to add the Messages application to the dock on the iPhone 5, you can make sure that the app is accessible regardless of which Home screen you are viewing.

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