How to Put the Notes App in the iPhone 5 Dock

The apps that are always visible at the bottom of your iPhone 5 screen are located in the dock.

This location will remain constant as you swipe between the different Home screens on your iPhone, providing you with easy access to them from any screen. Therefore, the apps in the dock should typically be the apps that you use most frequently.

The Notes app on the iPhone can be a very convenient way for you to write down notes and ideas, and some people use it so much that it is definitely worthy of being included in the dock. So follow our steps below to learn how to add the Notes icon to your iPhone’s dock.

Moving Notes to the iPhone 5 Dock

The steps in this article are specifically about moving the Notes app to the iPhone dock, but the same steps can be applied to any other app that you might want to put in your dock.

As the dock remains in the same location as you swipe through the different Home screens on the device, it is usually a good idea to put your most frequently used apps here to make them easier to access.

Step 1: Tap and hold the Notes icon until all of the apps on the screen start to shake, and some of them have x’s at the top-left corner.

tap and hold the notes icon

Step 2: If you have 4 icons in your dock already, then tap, hold, and drag one of those icons out of the dock. In the example image below, I am moving the Mail app out of my dock. If you have 3 or fewer icons in the dock, then you can skip this step.

move an icon out of the dock if you have four there

Step 3: Tap, hold, and drag the Notes icon to the dock.

drag the notes icon to the dock

Step 4: Press the Home button under your screen to lock the icons into their new locations.

press the home button to lock the apps into place

Now that you know how to put the iPhone Notes app into the dock, you will be able to access that app much more quickly if it’s one of the apps that you use the most on the device.

If you are organizing your apps to make your Home screen more manageable, then app folders can be a helpful thing to use. Learn how to create app folders on the iPhone 5 so that you can fit more apps on individual screen.

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