How to Change the Icons at the Bottom of My iPad Screen

When you first get your iPad, it has a bunch of icons for programs that are on the device by default. These programs represent the core functionality of the device, and the icons are configured in a way that Apple has determined will be the most useful for the majority of people. This includes placing the most important icons at the bottom of your screen, in a location called the dock. The dock is the set of icons that are fixed at the bottom of the screen and remain there, even when you swipe to another page of icons. Many people think that these icons are fixed and cannot be changed. However, the iPad dock is customizable, allowing you to change the icons at the bottom of your iPad screen. You can replace icons, add icons and remove icons at will until you find the setup that works best for you.


Customize the iPad Dock Icons


Learning how to change the icons at the bottom of your iPad screen requires a little understanding as to how your icons are organized and deleted. Typically your icons are fixed in their location and, if you touch one of the icons, it will launch the program that icon represents. However, by performing a long press on the icon, you enter a sort of “edit” mode where touching the icon will allow you to drag it to another location, including the dock.

Begin the process of changing the icons at the bottom of your iPad screen by touching and holding your finger on one of the icons that you want to add to your dock. Once you have pressed the icon long enough, all of your icons will shake and a little black x will appear in the top-right corner of most of the icons.

enter the icon edit mode on your ipad


Tap and hold the icon that you want to add to the dock at the bottom of your iPad screen, then drag it to the position on the dock where you want it. The existing dock icons will move to accommodate the new icon.

how to change the icons at the bottom of your ipad screen


Continue adding icons to the dock in this manner. Note that you can also remove icons from the dock by dragging them from the dock to one of the regular icons screens. You can also delete apps from your device while you are in this mode by tapping the little black x at the top-right corner of each app. If an icon does not have an x, that means you cannot delete it.

customized ipad dock example


Once your dock is configured to your preferences, press the Home button at the bottom of your iPad to lock the current icon configuration into place. newsletter

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