Complimentary PC Programs for your iPad

Your new iPad is a very functional device, capable of performing most of the tasks that you would otherwise be performing on your desktop or laptop PC.

However, unless you are planning on switching over entirely to the iPad, you will need to install some programs on your PC to help prepare files for the iPad, or to easily synchronize data between the PC and the iPad.

All of these programs include a functional free version as well, meaning that you won’t even need to purchase any software or licenses to use them effectively.


If you are not planning to purchase all of your movies or TV shows from iTunes, or if you want to put some of your own videos on your iPad, then you are going to need a program that can convert your video files to a format that is compatible with the iPad. Handbrake is one of the best solutions for this conversion that is available on the market, and it is very easy to use. Simply download the program from the Handbrake Download page, install it, then begin converting your existing video files to an iPad compatible file type.


DVD Fab is another video conversion program that specializes in converting video files, except that DVD Fab is more focused on converting DVD files. Specifically, DVD Fab will rip the DVD files from your disc, then save the files to your computer. You can then use Handbrake to convert the ripped DVD folders to a format that is compatible with the iPad.


There are a number of ebook applications available for the iPad, and most of them require the ebook to be in a different format. Depending upon where you have purchased or acquired your ebook, you are probably going to need to modify the file to put it in a format that is compatible with your chosen ebook application. Calibre provides you with the means to perform this conversion, thereby ensuring that all of your ebooks are saved in the same format and are accessible with the same application. This streamlines the process of managing your ebook collection, helping to ensure that you don’t accidentally end up with duplicate copies of the same book.

Download Calibre software here and install it to begin converting your ebook files.


As you begin creating files on your iPad and your PC simultaneously, you will start to notice how inconvenient it can be to transfer files between the devices. By installing Dropbox on the iPad and your PC, you can move files from each device to the Dropbox cloud, which allows you to immediately synchronize the files in both locations. This takes away the need to perform awkward file synchs and compose emails to, for example, get a picture taken on your iPad to your PC. Dropbox users start with 2 GB of storage space, but convincing your friends to join the service or participating in Dropbox promotions can help to increase your space. You can also purchase additional storage from Dropbox as well.

Download Dropbox to your PC, then install the Dropbox application on your iPad. Create a user account on one of the devices, then sign into the other device with the existing account.


Download Teamviewer to your computer, then download the TeamViewer application from the App Store on your iPad. Once you have the program installed on more than one device, you can sign into your TeamViewer account to begin controlling the second device from the first device. This program is ideal for users with, for example, a work computer and a home computer who find that they often need to access files on the computer that is at a different location. TeamViewer allows you to view the secondary device screen as a window on your device, then you can run programs and edit files as though you were physically using the computer that you are remotely controlling.


Gimp is the closest free alternative to Photoshop, which is one of the best image editing programs that exists. Gimp is compatible with numerous file types, and features the ability to edit images in layers. You also have access to a variety of image editing tools with the default Gimp download, as well as a library of user-generated scripts that can add more functionality to the program.

Download Gimp and install it to your computer to begin editing your pictures. Once the pictures have been edited, simply save them in an iPad compatible image format to view the files on your computer, or perform additional options, such as setting the edited images as the background or screen saver for your iPad.


These are just a few options to get you started with integrating your iPad into your existing computing environment. While the iPad may not be ideally suited as a desktop or laptop replacement, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the iPad with yoru PC and get the most out of using the iPad and the PC in tandem.

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