How to Keep Songs from Repeating on the iPhone 5

One of the best things about purchasing music from iTunes is the ability to just purchase the songs from an album that you like. This leaves you with a library of your favorite songs that you can sync with your iPhone 5. But even your favorite song can become tiresome if it is played over and over again, which is something that can happen when you have turned on the “Repeat” function in the iPhone’s music app. Fortunately this is a simple problem that you can fix by shutting off this option.


Why is My iPhone 5 Repeating Songs?

The repeat option is very easy to turn on by accident and if you don’t know what the icon for repeat looks like, you may not even realize that you have enabled it. But you can follow the steps outlined below to learn how to stop repeating songs on your iPhone 5.


Step 1: Tap the Music icon.

iphone music icon



Step 2: Touch the Now Playing button at the top-right corner of the screen.

touch the Now Playing button



Step 3: Touch the Repeat icon (circled below) until it is no longer orange. There are actually two repeat options, so you may have to touch the icon twice, depending upon which option you had selected.

touch the repeat icon until it is no longer orange



The Repeat icon will look like the image below when it is turned off.

how to stop repeating songs on the iphone 5



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