Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5

I spend a lot of time messing with the settings and apps on my iPhone 5, so you could say that the majority of my experience is more internally-focused with the device.

But protecting the iPhone 5 is just as important for several reasons.

First, phones take a lot of abuse. Whether it’s in your pocket and getting scratched by your keys, or it gets thrown in a bag where it’s getting slammed against the rest of that bag’s contents, your iPhone 5 is going to take some abuse.

Second, the iPhone 5 is an expensive piece of technology and, if it breaks, it is going to cost you a lot of money to replace it.

Finally, the phone is basically made of glass. It actually is pretty durable, but I’m sure we have all heard the horror stories from our friends who have dropped their iPhones and had the screen crack.

These scenarios all point to the need for a case, but that doesn’t mean that you have to turn an otherwise beautiful, elegant device into a bulky piece of protective rubber.

There are many, many cases available for the iPhone 5, but I am going to focus on some Sci-Fi themed ones that are constructed of hard plastic.

These have a minimal effect on the form factor of the device, plus the ease with which a number of manufacturers can produce these cases has led to some very interesting designs. So read below to see five of my favorite options that you can find at Amazon.

Are you shopping for an iPhone 5 case for someone that might see your iPhone 5’s browser history? Read this article about private browsing on the iPhone 5 to make sure that your actions aren’t recorded in your history.

Cool Sci-Fi Cases for the iPhone 5

Again, there are many, many iPhone 5 case options, but I am just going to focus on 5 options that are available at Amazon. If you don’t see anything there that you like, there are a number of excellent options at sites like or

**It’s worth mentioning that some of these cases look like they are three dimensional, but they are not. These are all two dimensional cases where the designs are printed directly to the case. This is especially important for the Doctor Who Tardis case and the Mass Effect case, because the image makes it seem like they might be three dimensional.**

1. Doctor Who Tardis case for iPhone 5

Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5
A cool-looking Tardis case with cutouts for the important ports. The plastic is slightly raised on the front of the phone, so you have some protection if you drop the phone screen-first.

You can read reviews from people that own this case to get an idea of any problems that you might have with it.

2. R2D2 case for iPhone 5

Check out reviews from people that own this case.

3. Carina Nebula iPhone 5 Case

Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5Some Awesome Sci-Fi iPhone Cases for the iPhone 5
Though this doesn’t have to do with any sci-fi movies, TV shows or books, it’s still a good looking case for a very affordable price. The coloring makes it a good option for a both a male or female, and it gives you an interesting conversation starter if someone asks you about your case.

See reviews from people that have purchased this case.

4. Star Trek logo iPhone 5 case

Read reviews from owners.

5. Mass Effect N7 case for the iPhone 5

An effective way to show your appreciation of the game. The case includes a cool graphic that immediately identifies it as part of the Mass Effect universe, but just looks like a cool design for people that are unfamiliar with the game.

There are not any reviews of this case at the time of this writing.

You can see the full collection of Amazon’s iPhone 5 cases if you didn’t see one above that you liked.

We also have a number of different iPhone 5 tutorials that may be helpful, including this one about turning off keyboard clicks on the iPhone 5. Some people like the audio response that occurs when they press a letter on the keyboard but, for others, this sound can be off-putting.

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