How to Download an Amazon Instant Video to the iPhone 5

When you own a digital copy of a movie or TV show, then you are likely to encounter a time where you want to watch it on a phone, tablet or computer. When you are connected to the Internet, then easiest way to do this is usually by simply streaming the movie. But if you are in a situation where you don’t have Internet access, or if you don’t want to use the data on your data plan, then a simple way to watch a video from Amazon Instant on your iPhone 5 is to download it to the device.


Watching Amazon Instant Videos on the iPhone 5 Without Being Online

You are going to have to be online at some point in order to download the movie, as it is originating from the Internet. So it’s best if you have the ability to plan when you will want to watch the movie without an Internet connection so that you have time to download it to your iPhone. But once the video is downloaded to your iPhone, you will be able to watch it through the Amazon Instant app on your phone without having an Internet connection.

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Step 1: Launch the Amazon Instant app.

launch the amazon instant app



Step 2: Select the Library tab at the bottom of the screen.

touch the library tab



Step 3: Select the movie that you want to download to your iPhone 5.

select the video you want to delete



Step 4: Touch the Download button at the right side of the screen. Note that many video files are very large, and will require a lot of free space on your device.

tap the download button



You can view the progress of the download on this screen. Large videos can take over an hour to download, depending upon your Internet connection screen.

how to download a movie or TV show from amazon instant on the iphone 5



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