How to Search the Calendar on the iPhone 5

If you use the calendar on your iPhone with regularity, then you probably have a lot of past and future events for which you might occasionally search. But if you don’t know the specific day of an event, or even a relative timeframe, then this can be a difficult task. Fortunately your calendar app actually has its’ own dedicated search function that you can use to search for different events. So continue reading below to learn how to search in the iPhone 5 calendar.


How Do I Search My iPhone 5 Calendar

I like to use my calendar because it doesn’t force me to remember all of my upcoming plans, which can easily be forgotten. But it also puts you in a kind of “set it and forget it’ frame of mind, where you enter an event then almost immediately forget about it. So if you schedule a short out of town trip and someone asks you about it, it can be difficult to remember when it was scheduled. But you can quickly find out by using the calendar search function.

Step 1: Launch the Calendar app.

iphone 5 launch calendar app



Step 2: Select the List option at the bottom of the screen.

select the List option at the bottom of the screen



Step 3: Tap inside the Search All Calendars field at the top of the screen. Note that your screen may say something different, depending upon the number of calendars that you are using.

how to search the calendar on the iphone 5



Step 4: Type a word or phrase that is in the name of the event that you want to find, then tap the correct result to see additional information about the event.

enter search term and select correct result




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You can use a similar method to search your email on the iPhone 5 as well. newsletter

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