Create a Contact from a Recent Call on the iPhone 5

While you have likely built an extensive contact list on your old iPhone or other model of cell phone, it is very common to encounter a new phone number, or meet a new person whose number you want to save. An easy way to remember their phone number without writing it down is to call them immediately, or have them call you. This will save the number in your Recent Calls list on your iPhone, which you can then use to create a new contact.


New Contact Creation from a Recent Call on the iPhone 5

In case you haven’t been using it already, the Recent Calls screen in the Phone app on your iPhone 5 records a list of all of your incoming or outgoing calls. This includes both those calls that come from existing contacts, and those that involve unidentified numbers. Simply follow the steps below to create a new contact from a number that is not assigned to a contact.


Step 1: Launch the Phone app.

open the phone app



Step 2: Select the Recents option at the bottom of the screen.

how to create a new contact from a recent call on iphone 5



Step 3: Touch the blue arrow to the right of the number for which you want to create a new contact.

touch the blue arrow to the right of the recent call



Step 4: Touch the Create New Contact button at the center of the screen.

touch the create new contact button



Step 5: Enter a name and any other information you have into the appropriate fields, then tap the Done button at the top-right corner of the screen.

enter the information for the new contact



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You can follow a similar process to create a new contact from a  text message on your iPhone 5 as well. newsletter

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