How to Add a Received Call to Contacts on iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding a received call to your contacts on an iPhone 14 is simpler than you might think. In just a few taps, that number you just talked to can be saved for easy access later. After reading this quick overview, you’ll be ready to tackle this task with ease.

Step by Step Tutorial: Add a Received Call to Contacts on iPhone 14

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand the importance of saving a received call to your contacts. By doing so, you’re essentially creating a shortcut to reach that person again without having to remember or retype their number.

Step 1: Open the Phone App

Open the Phone app on your iPhone 14.

When you open the Phone app, you’ll see several icons at the bottom. You want to tap on the one that looks like a clock, which is your recent calls.

Step 2: Find the Call

Locate the call you wish to add to your contacts.

Your recent calls are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Scroll through if needed to find the call in question.

Step 3: Tap the ‘i’ Icon

Next to the call, tap the ‘i’ icon for more information.

The ‘i’ icon stands for information. When you tap it, you’ll see details about the call, such as the time and duration.

Step 4: Add to Contacts

Choose “Create New Contact” or “Add to Existing Contact.”

If you’re saving a new number, you’ll want to select “Create New Contact.” If you’re adding the number to someone who’s already in your contacts, choose “Add to Existing Contact.”

After completing these steps, the phone number from the received call will be stored in your contacts. This means the next time they call, you’ll see their name, and you can also find them easily in your contacts list to make a call or send a message.

Tips for Adding a Received Call to Contacts on iPhone 14

  • Double-check the number before saving to avoid any typos.
  • Add a meaningful name and, if necessary, additional information to remember who the contact is.
  • If you receive a lot of business calls, consider creating a separate group in your contacts for work-related numbers.
  • Use Siri to save a contact by saying, “Hey Siri, add this call to my contacts.”
  • Regularly review and organize your contacts to keep them up to date and useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a received call to contacts if I’ve already cleared my recent call list?

If you’ve cleared your recent call list, you won’t be able to add the call directly from the Phone app, but if you remember the number, you can manually add a new contact through the Contacts app.

Is there a limit to how many contacts I can add on my iPhone 14?

No, there’s no specific limit to the number of contacts you can have on your iPhone 14. It’s more about the available space on your device.

What if the number is from a blocked caller?

If the number is from a blocked caller, you won’t be able to add it directly from the recent calls list. However, you can manually enter the number into your contacts if needed.

Can I add a received call to contacts without creating a new contact?

Yes, you can add the number to an existing contact by selecting the “Add to Existing Contact” option.

How do I delete a contact if I added it by mistake?

To delete a contact, go to the Contacts app, select the contact you want to delete, tap on “Edit” in the top-right corner, and then scroll down to find the “Delete Contact” option.


  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Find the call in your recent calls list.
  3. Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the call.
  4. Choose to create a new contact or add to an existing one.


Now that you know how to add a received call to the contacts on your iPhone 14, your phone book will always be up-to-date with the latest numbers. It’s a skill that seems small but can make a big difference in staying connected with people that matter, whether it’s a new friend, a business contact, or just a delivery service you’ll need to call again.

Remember, your iPhone is more than just a gadget; it’s a tool to make your life easier and more organized. By mastering the simple tasks, like managing contacts, you’re on your way to becoming an iPhone pro. And isn’t it great to know that you can keep track of all the important people in your life with just a few taps? So go ahead, give it a try, and start adding those important calls to your contacts. Who knows, the next number you save could be the beginning of something wonderful.

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