How to Save a Picture from a Website on Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is a pretty handy device, largely because of the number of tasks you can complete that prevent you from having to be in front of a computer. But one area where people tend to forego use of their iPhones is when they need to download files from the Internet, or other wise manage files. This is certainly the case when it comes to downloading pictures from websites on the Internet, and it is something that a lot of people might not even consider to be an option on their phones. Luckily you can save and download images from Web pages to your device through the iPhone Safari app, where they will be stored in your Camera Roll.


Downloading an Image from the Internet to Your iPhone 5


Perhaps one of the main reasons that this feature is overlooked is because of Windows users that rely on the right-click shortcut menu to perform tasks such as this. You can’t right-click on the iPhone, and there isn’t an option to download an image on the Safari settings menu. So read below to learn how to download and save an image to your phone from a Web page.


Step 1: Launch the Safari iPhone app.

Launch the Safari iPhone app
Launch the Safari iPhone app


Step 2: Browse to the Web page containing the image that you want to download to your phone.


Step 3: Touch and hold your finger on the image you wish to download until a menu opens.


Step 4: Select the Save Image option on this menu.

Select the "Save Image" option
Select the “Save Image” option


You can then launch the Photos app on your device, and the downloaded image will be visible in your Camera Roll.

If you want to share your downloaded image with another device, such as your iPad, then you should consider using iCloud. This article about sharing images in iCloud between an iPhone and iPad can make it easy to move your images between devices. newsletter

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