How to Remove a Paired Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

Bluetooth devices have long been a great way to add some additional functionality to your mobile phone. Whether you want to listen to audio on headphones, or make it easier to type with a Bluetooth keyboard, it can help to make your smartphone even more useful. Many Windows computers also have Bluetooth capabilities, and can […]

How to Add or Remove the Mouse Trail in Windows 10

There are a lot of settings that you can customize for your mouse in Windows 10. Whether you want to change the color of the mouse pointer, or how the wheel works, you can probably make the adjustment that you want. But there’s another option that you may not realize you can adjust, and it […]

How to Stop Right-clicking When You Tap the Touchpad with Two Fingers in Windows 10

The touchpad on a Windows 10 laptop gives you the ability to move your cursor and interact with your computer in ways similar to a mouse. However, due to the physical differences of a touchpad and a mouse, certain actions need to be performed in other ways. For example, if you want to open the […]

Where is the Control Panel in Windows 10?

If you have been a Windows user for a while, then you likely became familiar with the Control Panel, which is where you would go to adjust the settings for your computer. However, the Control Panel is gone in Windows 10, and has been replaced with a Settings menu that allows you to do much […]

How to Stop Hiding the Taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen in Windows 10 provides a quick way to access certain applications and utilities on your computer. It also shows the apps that are currently open, enabling you to switch between them easily. But some people elect to hide the taskbar because they don’t need it visible all […]

How to Enable High Contrast Mode in Windows 10

Do you have trouble reading text and looking at images on your computer because all of the colors seem to blend into one another? This can make for a miserable computing experience, and may prevent you from having as much fun or being as productive as you would like. While you have many options for […]

How to Only Allow Apps from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Does your computer get used by other people, some of whom might make questionable decisions or click things they shouldn’t? While you can take steps to limit the capabilities they have with their user account, you can also enable a feature where apps can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. By blocking program installation […]

How to Uninstall Skype in Windows 10

There are a few applications that are probably on your Windows 10 computer that you didn’t install yourself. These apps are either included with the Windows 10 installation, or they are added by your computer’s manufacturer. One of these applications is probably Skype, which is a popular tool for communicating with people. It has voice […]

How to Personalize Start Folders in Windows 10

When you click the Start menu at the bottom-left corner of your screen in Windows 10 you are able to access almost everything on your computer. Part of this access includes some shortcuts in the left column of the Start menu, such as Settings, Pictures, People, and more. This section of shortcuts can be personalized, […]

What Does Task View Do in Windows 10?

The taskbar at the bottom of your Windows 10 screen provides access to a number of different apps and features that can improve your experience on your computer. One of these items is called Task View, and you might have heard someone talk about it before, or wondered what it did. The Task View option […]