set chrome as default browser in windows 7

Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in Windows 7

It’s pretty common for people to prefer and install third-party Web browsers like Firefox or Chrome. They are often faster and easier to use than the ones that are available by default. I like Chrome for a number of reasons, like how it’s easy to find and change my Chrome downloads, and how it can … Read more

how to make your desktop picture bigger or smaller in windows 7

How to Change Desktop Background Size in Windows 7

Have you been going through your computer and personalizing the areas where that’s an option? One of the places you see most often on your computer is the desktop, and it offers you a way to include your own picture or style. But if you have already switched away from the default setting, you might … Read more

how to find the appdata folder in windows 7

How to Find the AppData Folder in Windows 7

Occasionally you will need to find or edit a file on your computer that is currently hidden, or buried under several different layers of folders. Often these files are going to be in the “AppData” folder, which is, itself, also hidden. Luckily our AppData folder Windows 7 tutorial can help you to unhide that folder … Read more

how to view your Windows 10 wifi password

How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10 Guide – 6 Easy Steps

Once you connect to a wireless network on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop, your computer is going to continue connecting to that network when it’s in range. While this means that you won’t need to enter the password again, it might make it difficult if you need the password on another device. Luckily our … Read more

add the my computer icon to the windows 7 desktop

How to Display the My Computer Icon on the Windows 7 Desktop

Many Windows system users that have been with the operating system since an early version like Windows XP have become comfortable using applications a certain way, and finding files a certain way. If you are one of those individuals and you relied on a specific icon to access your important folders and files, then you … Read more