How to Create a Desktop Shortcut for a Website in Windows 7

There are a ton of great websites and resources on the Internet, and there are many ways to find them. But this also makes it difficult to remember the addresses or names of sites that you really liked, so you’ve decide that you want to place a shortcut to the site on your desktop so that you can always have a simple way to visit. The desktop is one area of your computer that you will always visit with regularity, and it’s easy to locate specific programs, shortcuts and files when you put them there. So continue reading below to learn how to add a shortcut to a website on your Windows 7 desktop.


How to Add a Website Shortcut to Your Desktop in Windows 7

We are going to show you how to do this two separate ways. The first way is by far the simplest, but requires you to use Internet Explorer. The second way is universal and will work for any Web browser.


Internet Explorer Method


Step 1: Browse to the website for which you want to create the shortcut.


Step 2: Click the icon to the left of the website address and hold down the mouse button.


click and hold the website icon


Step 3: Drag the icon to your desktop.

drag the icon to the desktop



The shortcut will automatically be named with the title of the Web page.


Universal Method for Creating Desktop Website Shortcuts in Windows 7


Step 1: Open your Web browser and go to the website for which you want to make your desktop shortcut.


Step 2: Right-click the address in the address bar at the top of the window, then click the Copy option.

copy the website address



Step 3: Right-click in an empty space on the desktop, click New, then click Shortcut.

click new, then click shortcut



Step 4: Right-click inside the field at the center of the window, then click the Paste option.

paste the copied address into the field



Step 5: Click the Next button.


Step 6: Enter your preferred name for the shortcut into the field at the center of the window, then click the Finish button.

how to create a wbesite shortcut on the desktop in windows 7



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