How to Remove Audio from an iPhone Video in Windows 7

Your Windows 7 computer came with a number of useful free programs. Part of these programs is a suite of applications called Windows Live Essentials, and it includes Windows Live Movie Maker. This is a simple-to-use video editing program that you can use for a number of different purposes, including the removal of audio from […]

How to Rotate an iPhone Video in Windows Live Movie Maker

It is very easy to capture video using the camera on your iPhone 5, and there are a number of options available to you for getting the video off of your device. My personal preference is to upload the video to Dropbox, but you can also sync your phone through iTunes, or use a different […]

How to Split a Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker gives you a good assortment of editing tools for making common changes to a video that you open in the program. However, any change that you make is going to be applied to the entire selected video clip and, if you have only opened one file, that is the entire clip. […]

How to Flip a Video Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is the video editing program that you can download for free with your Windows 7 license. It is included as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of programs, and offers you a number of accessible, helpful tools for making adjustments to your video clips. While many of the changes you […]

How to Speed Up a Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows Live Essentials is a very approachable video editing tool for Windows 7 users. It is freely available to anyone with a valid Windows 7 license, and includes most of the basic options that you will need to edit your video. For example, this article will teach you how to […]

How to Shorten the Duration of Title Screens in Windows Live Movie Maker

When making a video project in Windows Live Movie Maker, you can use the Title Screen tool to insert a blank, black screen. You can then use the text tool to add words to this screen, which makes it the ideal choice for a title screen. This title screen can also be inserted into other […]

How to Join Video Clip Files in Windows Live Movie Maker

Many people that are just learning how to edit video files on their Windows 7 computers might wind up taking the route of downloading third-party video editing programs. While many of them are good, some ever great, the fact that you can download a Microsoft video editing program, called Windows Live Movie Maker, is something […]

How to Cut a Clip in Windows Live Movie Maker

It is becoming much simpler for people to record videos from their cell phones and other personal electronic devices, so there is an increased need for ways to edit video files. One of the simplest solutions is to download the Windows Live Movie Maker program for Windows 7. The program is completely free, and has […]

How to Add Music or Audio to Windows Live Movie Maker

Creating a video or slideshow with your Windows 7 computer is a process that can take a lot of directions. If you have Microsoft Powerpoint, then you may be able to just create a sequence of slides that display the images you want to show. This is a perfectly acceptable solution for a lot of […]

What is the Windows 7 Video Editor Called?

Last updated: February 20, 2017 You might be looking for a Windows 7 video editor if you have a video file that you need to modify. Whether you have an iPhone video that you need to rotate, or you want to speed up a video clip that might move a little too slowly, the ability […]