How to Open Any File From Your Keyboard

You can assign the opening of any program or file, such as a document, audio clip or application, to a combination of keys on your keyboard. This can help to speed up any computer task and is ideally suited for those tasks that you need to perform frequently.



Step 1: Open the folder containing the file or program that you want to assign to a hot key.

Open the folder containing the file you want to hot key


Step 2: Right-click the file, drag it to the file, then click “Create Shortcuts Here.”

right-click and drag the file to your desktop


Step 3: Right-click the shortcut that you just created on the Desktop, then click “Properties.”


Step 4: Click inside the “Shortcut Key” field, then press any number or letter key on your keyboard. Windows 7 will automatically prefix the key you press with “Ctrl + Alt +”.

Set the hot key for your shortcut


Step 5:

Click Apply, click OK


Step 6: Use your created shortcut keys to open the file.

Press your assigned shortcut keys to launch the file newsletter

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