How to Zoom in on Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is the default drawing and image editing tool in Windows 7 and, despite its’ basic appearance, is actually capable of some pretty impressive actions. However, you may think that Paint is limited in its’ functionality based upon the default view that is available when you first begin using the program. But if you […]

What is a Screen Shot and How Do I Make One?

Have you been asked to take a screen shot of something on your computer and send it to someone? Or have you ever looked at the “Print Screen” or “PrntScr” button on your keyboard and wondered what it was? Screen shots are a very common way of showing someone something on your screen that they […]

How to Edit a Screenshot in Microsoft Paint

As people use computers with more and more frequency and become more capable with them, they start to learn new tasks. This coincides with a level of comfort and excitement when you start to realize the full capabilities of your computer, as well as the surprising number of things that you can accomplish on your […]