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Windows 7 Install Fonts Guide

While there are many places where you might acquire new fonts, there aren’t many options that make the Windows 7 install fonts process easier than Google Fonts. They have a variety of different fonts, and you can rest comfortably knowing that the files you download and install will be safe. Our tutorial below will walk … Read more

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Many people are becoming more conscious of the need for different strong, and unique passwords for their online accounts. There are so many data breaches that it’s only a matter of time before a username and password combination becomes unusable. If you are concerned that you have some password overlap, or if you simply want … Read more

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How to Change the Program or File That Opens When You Click a Shortcut

If you like to use shortcuts for your favorite applications and files in Microsoft Windows, then you may not have thought about editing them once they have been created. But you can customize many aspects of your desktop shortcuts, including the actual file or application that launches when you click the icon. Our tutorial below … Read more

google chrome desktop shortcut in windows 7

Can I Put a Chrome Shortcut on Desktop in Windows?

If you spend a lot of time online then the web browser might be the most used application on your computer. But if you spend several seconds finding your Chrome browser every time you want to use it, then you might want to know how to add a Google Chrome shortcut on desktop in Windows … Read more

how to force a web page shortcut to open in a specific browser

How to Open Shortcut with Specific Browser in Windows 7

Many third-party Web browsers are quite popular, and it’s likely that you have tried one of them out at some point. In fact, you might have and use multiple browsers on a regular basis. So if you have ever wondered if you could open shortcut with specific browser on your Windows computer, then you are … Read more

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Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in Windows 7

It’s pretty common for people to prefer and install third-party Web browsers like Firefox or Chrome. They are often faster and easier to use than the ones that are available by default. I like Chrome for a number of reasons, like how it’s easy to find and change my Chrome downloads, and how it can … Read more

how to start google chrome automatically when your computer starts

How to Start Google Chrome Automatically When Computer Starts

A lot of times when we are editing Windows startup programs it’s to speed up the process. But having your most used programs launch at startup can save you some time. One of the most commonly-used applications on your computer is probably your Web browser, so it’s helpful to have that open by default. Our … Read more

where is the appdata folder in windows 7

Where is My AppData Folder in Windows 7?

Your Windows computer has some files and folders that are hidden by default. Hiding files like this makes it tougher for people to accidentally delete or change the important files on their computers. But our tutorial below will show you how to unhide the Windows AppData folder if you need a file in that folder. … Read more

general printer troubleshooting

General Guidelines for Printer Troubleshooting

While printers are becoming much easier to install and use in newer Windows operating systems, they can still be a large source of frustration for many people. The combination of drivers, moving printer parts, print queues, and everything else that is involved with a printer can make it difficult to pinpoint the exact problem. Our … Read more