Select Items in a Windows 7 Folder to Count Them

You can find out a lot of information about your files in Windows 7 by simply selecting them and viewing the information at the bottom of the folder. Additionally, you can see how many files are in a folder when nothing is selected by looking in this are as well. For example, the folder below has 40 files in it.

view the number of items in the folder



But you may find yourself in a situation where you need to count only a certain group of files within that folder, but it is more files than you can easily count by hand. Or you know that you need to send a specific number of files to someone and you want to make sure that you have included all of them. Fortunately Windows 7 will automatically count all of the files that you currently have selected.


Quickly Count Items in a Windows 7 Folder


There are two different ways that you can select multiple files from a folder in Windows 7. You can select consecutive files in a list by holding the shift key, or you can select non-consecutive files by holding the Ctrl key. You can then use these actions to quickly and accurately count a large number of files in a Windows 7 folder.


Step 1: Open the folder containing the files that you want to count.


Step 2: Click the first file.

select the first file



Step 3a: To select multiple consecutive files, hold down the Shift key, then click the last file that you want to select. Windows will select that first file, the last file, and all of the ones in between.

hold shift to select multiple consecutive files


Step 3b: To select non-consecutive files, hold down the Ctrl key, then click each individual file that you want to select.

hold Ctrl to select multiple non-consecutive files



Step 4: Locate the file count at the bottom of the window, as in the image displayed below.

check the number of selected items



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