How to View Word Count on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tracking your word count in Google Docs is a breeze! Whether you’re a student aiming to meet an essay requirement or a professional keeping your document concise, knowing how to view word count is essential. In just a few clicks, you can access this handy feature and keep your writing on track.

Step by Step Tutorial: Viewing Word Count on Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that viewing the word count in Google Docs helps you stay within any word limit and manage the length of your document effectively.

Step 1: Open your document in Google Docs

Open the Google Docs document for which you want to see the word count.

Opening your document is the first step to accessing any of its features, including the word count. Ensure you’re connected to the internet and logged into your Google account.

Step 2: Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar

In the upper menu bar of Google Docs, click on the ‘Tools’ option.

The ‘Tools’ menu is where Google Docs houses several of its features that help enhance your writing, such as spell check, voice typing, and, of course, word count.

Step 3: Select ‘Word count’ from the drop-down menu

From the drop-down menu that appears after clicking ‘Tools,’ select ‘Word count.’

The word count option provides not just the total number of words but also the page count, character count (without spaces), and character count (with spaces).

Step 4: View the word count in the pop-up window

A window will pop up displaying the word count along with other statistics for your document.

This pop-up window conveniently shows you all the information you need at a glance, allowing you to keep track of your document’s length as you work.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a clear understanding of the length of your document and can make any necessary adjustments to meet your word count goals.

Tips for Managing Word Count on Google Docs

  • Double-check that you’re looking at the correct document to ensure you’re getting the accurate word count.
  • Remember that the word count feature also counts words in headers, footers, and footnotes.
  • Use the word count window’s checkbox option if you want the tool to display the word count automatically while typing.
  • Be aware that the word count tool does not include words in text boxes, so if your document includes these, you’ll need to account for them separately.
  • If you’re working on a collaborative document, communicate with your collaborators about the word count to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the word count for a specific section of my document?

Yes, you can highlight the text for which you want to see the word count, then follow the same steps. The pop-up window will show the word count for the highlighted section only.

Does Google Docs word count include symbols and numbers?

The character count includes symbols and numbers, but the word count only includes standard words separated by spaces.

Can I keep the word count visible while I type?

Yes, there’s a checkbox in the word count window that says “Display word count while typing.” Check this box, and the word count will stay visible in the bottom left corner of your document.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for viewing word count in Google Docs?

No, currently there is no specific keyboard shortcut to view word count directly, but you can access the ‘Tools’ menu using Alt + Shift + T and then select ‘Word count.’

Will the word count tool work on the Google Docs mobile app?

The word count tool is available on the Google Docs mobile app. You can access it by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting ‘Word count’ from the menu.


  1. Open your Google Docs document.
  2. Click on ‘Tools’ in the menu bar.
  3. Select ‘Word count’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. View the word count in the pop-up window.


Understanding how to view word count on Google Docs is a piece of cake, right? With the simple steps outlined above, you can easily keep tabs on your document’s length, ensuring that you meet any requirements or limits. Whether you’re crafting a novel, finalizing a report, or penning an article, being aware of your word count is vital for clear, concise communication. So, the next time you’re typing away in Google Docs, remember this handy feature is just a few clicks away, ready to assist you in achieving your writing goals. Keep writing, keep counting, and watch your words take shape!

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