How to Install a Google Font in Windows 7

Goolge Fonts is a collection of fonts often used by Web developers to extend the appearance of their text beyond the most basic and common font styles. But these fonts are not restricted to websites; you can also download them from the Google Fonts library and install them on your computer in Windows 7.

The process for downloading and installing a Google Font is very similar to the process for downloading fonts from other websites that distribute free fonts. So continue reading below to see how you can use one of these fonts on your computer.


Downloading and Installing from Google Fonts in Windows 7

The steps in this tutorial will show you how to download and install a font that you find on the Google Fonts website. This font will be installed on your computer, and accessible through programs with access to your computers’ Windows fonts library.


  1. Navigate to the Google Fonts page in your Web browser (
  2. go to the google fonts page



  3. Use the search field or filters at the left side of the window to locate the font that you wish to download and install.
  4. browse for a font



  5. Click the blue Add to Collection button next to the font.
  6. click the add to collection button



  7. Click the Download button at the top-right corner of the page after you have finished adding all of your desired fonts to your collection.
  8. click the download button



  9. Click the .zip file link to download a zip file containing your fonts.
  10. click the zip file link



  11. Open the downloaded .zip file.

    open the zip file



  13. Click the Extract all files button at the top of the window.
  14. click the extract all files button



  15. Click the Extract button at the bottom of the window to extract the files.
  16. click the extract button



  17. Right-click the font file, then click the Install button.

install the font



Now when you open a program that uses the Windows fonts, such as Microsoft Word or Paint, the installed fonts will be available for you to use.


Do you have fonts installed in Windows 7 that you are no longer using, or which are problematic? Learn how to delete fonts from your computer so that they are no longer accessible through your installed application. newsletter

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