how to create a signature in hotmail

How to Create a Signature in Hotmail

An email signature is a very helpful thing to have when you compose emails, simply because it provides your recipient with all of the vital information that they might need to contact you in some other way. Fortunately most popular email providers have included an option that allows you to create a personalized signature, and … Read more

how to forward your hotmail account to

How to Forward Your Hotmail Account to

While it is possible to create an email address using your existing Hotmail account and automatically have all of your Hotmail messages get sent to your account, the process is not perfect. People that create accounts using this method have reported experiencing problems accessing their new accounts, so there is another option … Read more

how to send a file bigger than 25 mb in hotmail

How to Send a File Bigger Than 25 MB in Hotmail

It is becoming increasingly more necessary for the average person to be able to share files that are larger than 25 MB in size. Unfortunately, most email providers will not allow you to do this and, even if they do, you still need to count on your recipient being able to receive the file. This … Read more

how to edit your signature in hotmail

How to Edit Your Signature in Hotmail

Hotmail recently changed their layout, so this article is now outdated. You can read this article to learn how to create or edit a signature in the new version of Hotmail.   Have you ever wondered what the information is that is displayed at the bottom of the email messages that you receive from friends, … Read more

how much can you attach in hotmail

How Much Can You Attach in Hotmail

While storage space is becoming cheaper and easier to find, it is still a very common practice to send email messages with attachments. Due to the large amount of users that have free email accounts with the more popular free email providers, such as Hotmail, these providers need to implement restrictions on the size of … Read more

how to block an email address in hotmail

How to Block an Email Address in Hotmail

Like most other popular email providers, Hotmail allows you to specify messages that you think are spam, and which should be filtered into your Junk folder. However, the junk mail filter is not perfect, and you might notice that some messages from unwanted senders are still finding their way into your Inbox. While the reasons … Read more