Outlook.com – How to Empty Deleted Items When Signing Out

When you delete an item from your inbox in Outlook.com, it gets moved to the Deleted Items folder. That item will remain in that location for a short period of time, after which it will be permanently deleted. This gives you the ability to restore a message if you decide later that you want to […]

How to Hide Sender Initials and Pictures in Outlook.com

When you view your Outlook.com emails in a Web browser, you have probably noticed a small circle to the left of the sender’s name. Sometimes that circle contains a picture, while other times it contains initials. While this additional splash of color can break up the monotony of the display, you may find it distracting […]

How to Turn Off Link Previews in Outlook.com

With the default settings in Outlook.com email, a preview of a linked Web page is shown whenever you add a hyperlink to an email that you are composing, or when you receive an email that has linked text. While this can be helpful and something that some people like to use, you might prefer to […]

Outlook.com – How to Show the BCC Field

When you write emails to some of your contacts, situations may arise where you want to include someone on the email, but you don’t want to let other people know that they are receiving the email, too. This is the type of situation that the BCC field was made for. However, you may notice that […]

Outlook.com – How to Play a Sound When New Email Arrives

People have different feelings and preferences when it comes to notifications. Some people want to get all the notifications they can, and the more intrusive the notification is, the better. Others, however, don’t want to receive any notifications, and prefer to check their apps and accounts on their own terms. If you are someone that […]

Outlook.com – How to Turn Off Read Receipts

Read receipts are something that many email providers will let you include when you send an email to someone. If the receiver chooses to send a read receipt, then the sender will know that the person has read the email. Some people like to use this if they send an important email and want to […]

How to Hide the Reading Pane in Outlook.com Inbox

The Outlook desktop application has been popular for businesses and residential users for years because of how great the interface is, and how many options you have for managing your email account. Microsoft’s Outlook.com free email service seeks to replicate much of what has made the Outlook desktop application popular, and one of the biggest […]

How to Stop Grouping Messages by Conversation in Outlook.com

When you are participating in an email chain with other people, there will inevitably be a number of messages that contain bits of information that are important to the conversation. Depending on how long this conversation has been going on for, it’s possible that the individual emails in the conversation could be separated by many […]

How to Turn On or Turn Off the Outlook.com Focused Inbox

Managing emails can be difficult when you receive a lot of promotional and junk emails in your inbox. Many email providers are switching to an inbox management system that will automatically categorize these emails into different sections. For example, Gmail uses one that will separate emails into different tabs. Outlook.com takes a slightly different approach […]

How to Forward Your Hotmail Account to Outlook.com

While it is possible to create an Outlook.com email address using your existing Hotmail account and automatically have all of your Hotmail messages get sent to your Outlook.com account, the process is not perfect. People that create Outlook.com accounts using this method have reported experiencing problems accessing their new accounts, so there is another option […]