How to Remove Non Friends from Facebook Messenger Active List: A Guide

Removing non-friends from your Facebook Messenger active list can help you maintain a tidy and relevant chat environment. In a nutshell, doing this involves adjusting privacy settings and blocking or removing specific contacts, ensuring only your actual friends remain visible in Messenger.

How to Remove Non-Friends from Facebook Messenger Active List

In this section, we’ll walk you through the exact steps to remove non-friends from your Messenger’s active list. This process ensures that only people you are friends with on Facebook appear in your active contacts.

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger

First, open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone or access the Messenger website on your computer.

This is your starting point. Make sure you’re logged in to your account to access your settings and contacts.

Step 2: Navigate to the People Tab

Step 2: Tap on the People tab at the bottom of the screen.

The People tab shows a list of all contacts, including non-friends. This is where you can see who is active and remove unwanted contacts.

Step 3: Access Active Contacts

Step 3: Tap on the “Active” button at the top.

This will display all of your active contacts, friends, and non-friends alike, giving you a clear view of who is currently online.

Step 4: Select the Non-Friend

Step 4: Find the non-friend you want to remove and tap on their name.

Clicking on their name will bring up their chat settings, allowing you to make the necessary changes.

Step 5: Block or Remove Contact

Step 5: Tap on the info icon (i) and select “Block” or “Remove Contact.”

Blocking or removing the non-friend will prevent them from appearing in your active list. Blocking also prevents them from messaging you.

After completing these steps, the non-friend will no longer appear in your active list. Your Messenger will only show your actual friends, keeping your contact list relevant and clutter-free.

Tips for Removing Non-Friends from Facebook Messenger Active List

  • Review Active List Regularly: Make a habit of checking your active list to ensure it only includes people you want to stay connected with.
  • Update Privacy Settings: Adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your online status.
  • Use Blocking Wisely: Blocking is a permanent solution, so use it carefully for people you don’t want to interact with at all.
  • Report Suspicious Contacts: If you encounter any suspicious or spammy contacts, report them to Facebook.
  • Check Friend Requests: Regularly review your friend requests and remove any pending requests from people you don’t know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove a non-friend without blocking them?

Yes, you can remove a contact without blocking them by un-following or removing them from your friend list.

Will blocking someone notify them?

No, blocking someone on Facebook Messenger does not notify them. They will simply not be able to see your online status or message you.

Can blocked people see my online status?

No, once blocked, the person cannot see your online status or any updates from you.

Will removing a contact delete chat history?

No, removing a contact does not delete the chat history. However, blocking someone can remove the conversation from your chat list.

Can I undo a block?

Yes, you can unblock a contact anytime by going into your privacy settings and removing them from the blocked list.


  1. Open Facebook Messenger.
  2. Navigate to the People tab.
  3. Access Active Contacts.
  4. Select the Non-Friend.
  5. Block or Remove Contact.


Clearing out your Facebook Messenger active list helps maintain a more focused and efficient messaging experience. Following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily remove non-friends and keep your active list clean and relevant.

Make sure to periodically review your contacts and use the privacy settings to your advantage. This not only ensures a better messaging experience but also enhances your overall online privacy. Remember, a little digital housekeeping goes a long way in maintaining a clutter-free and enjoyable social media presence.

For further reading, consider exploring Facebook’s help center or community forums for more tips and tricks on managing your Messenger settings. Happy chatting!

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