How to Hide Your Friends on Facebook App: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to keep your Facebook friends list private, it’s a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through hiding your friends on the Facebook app, ensuring that only you can see who you’re connected with. Follow these steps to keep your friends list out of sight from prying eyes.

How to Hide Your Friends on the Facebook App

In this section, we will go over the steps to hide your friends list on the Facebook app. This will ensure that your friends list is only visible to you, enhancing your privacy on the platform.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Make sure you’re logged in to your account. If you’re not, enter your details and log in.

Step 2: Tap the Menu Icon

Tap the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner (on iOS) or upper right corner (on Android).

This will open the main menu where you can access various settings and options.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings & Privacy

Scroll down and tap on “Settings & Privacy,” then tap “Settings.”

This will take you to the settings menu where you can manage your account preferences.

Step 4: Access Privacy Settings

Scroll down to the “Privacy” section and tap on “Privacy Settings.”

In this section, you can control who sees your activities and personal details on Facebook.

Step 5: Edit Who Can See Your Friends List

Find the option labeled “Who can see your friends list?” and tap on it.

Here, you can adjust the visibility settings for your friends list.

Step 6: Select “Only Me”

From the options provided, select “Only Me.”

This ensures that only you can see your friends list, keeping it hidden from everyone else.

Once these steps are completed, your friends list will be hidden, and only you will be able to see it.

Tips for Hiding Your Friends on the Facebook App

  • Regularly Check Privacy Settings: Facebook updates its settings regularly. Make sure to check your privacy settings periodically.
  • Use “Custom” Settings: If you want to hide your friends list from certain people but not others, use the “Custom” option.
  • Be Cautious with Friend Requests: Accept friend requests from people you know to maintain your privacy.
  • Review Public Profile Information: While hiding your friends list, also review other public information and restrict unnecessary details.
  • Stay Updated on Facebook Policies: Keep an eye on Facebook’s privacy policies to ensure your information stays secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my friends list from specific people?

Yes, you can use the “Custom” option in the privacy settings to hide your friends list from specific individuals.

Will my friends still be able to see mutual friends?

Yes, your friends will still be able to see any mutual friends you share.

Can I change these settings on a desktop browser?

Yes, you can change these settings on both the mobile app and a desktop browser.

What if I want to show my friends list again?

You can repeat the steps and select a different privacy setting, such as “Friends” or “Public.”

Are these settings permanent?

No, you can change your privacy settings anytime you want.


  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the Menu Icon.
  3. Navigate to Settings & Privacy.
  4. Access Privacy Settings.
  5. Edit Who Can See Your Friends List.
  6. Select “Only Me”.


Hiding your friends list on the Facebook app is a smart move to protect your privacy. It ensures that your connections remain confidential, giving you more control over your personal information. By following the above steps, you can easily make your friend list visible only to you.

Remember to periodically review your privacy settings and stay updated with any changes Facebook might introduce. Your online privacy is crucial, and taking these steps helps safeguard your personal space. If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring other privacy features Facebook offers to beef up your security even further. Happy Facebooking!

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