How to Remove the Google Hangouts Extension in Google Chrome

Google Hangouts is a helpful communication tool that is made quite easy to use from the Google Chrome Web browser. You can use Hangouts by installing an extension in Chrome, which will also add a Hangouts icon in your system tray, allowing you to be accessible through Hangouts even when Chrome isn’t open. But if […]

How to Change Page Orientation in Excel Online

The online version of Microsoft Excel looks similar to the desktop version, and lets you perform many of the same tasks that you would do there as well. But one conspicuously absent element is the Page Layout tab, where you care able to choose things like the page size, scale, and the orientation. Fortunately you […]

How to Download a Copy of Your File to Your Computer in Excel Online

Online productivity apps, like those offered by Microsoft Online and Google Drive, are a great alternative to the physical copies of these programs that you might have purchased in the past and installed on your computer. These online options are typically free, and offer a place where you can save your files to the cloud […]

How to Remove an Extension from the Google Chrome Desktop Browser

Extensions for the Google Chrome Web browser offer additional functionality that can make it easier for you to perform certain tasks. Many popular websites and services have extensions, and there is much to be gained from installing useful ones. But sometimes an extension won’t do what you were expecting it to do, or you’ve been […]

How to Apply a Default Layout to a Slide in Google Slides

While there are a lot of different ways that you can use presentation software like Google Slides, much of the data that you are trying to present will fall into one of a number of categories. This commonality means that many slides will wind up looking similar to slides that other people also typically use. […]

How to Make a Picture Fly in on Google Sheets

Adding movement to some of the elements in a Google Slides presentation is a good way to spice up your information. It’s fairly common for slideshow presentations to be a little boring in nature, and the addition of a movement effect, such as animation, can help to keep your audience’s attention a little more easily. […]

How to Delete Saved Cookies and Data for One Website in Firefox

Websites that you visit in Firefox will typically use cookies to remember information about you. This is usually done for things like account logins and shopping carts so that information can be saved when you navigate between different pages on the site. But if you are experiencing a problem when browsing that site, you may […]

How to Delete All Saved Login Information in Firefox

The Firefox Web browser is able to store login information, such as usernames and passwords, so that you don’t need to remember that information for the future when you log into a website. This is convenient, and makes it so that you aren’t stuck with a large number of differing credentials that are nearly impossible […]

How to Delete All Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Remembering passwords becomes difficult when you have a high number of accounts spread across multiple websites. These accounts typically have different usernames and passwords, making memorization impractical. There are several options for remembering this information with an application, including the option to save the passwords directly in the Google Chrome browser. But if you are […]

How to Stop Google Chrome from Offering to Remember Passwords

With all of the different websites that the average Internet user visits on a regular basis, it’s very common to have a lot of different username and password combinations to remember. Eventually this is difficult to do without any assistance, so it becomes helpful to use technology to remember that information for us. But you […]