How to Change the Font on All Slides in Google Slides

One convenient element of working in Google Slides is the ability to have a consistent layout structure across each of your slides. This helps to make the presentation look more professional, and it provides a level of predictability to makes content editing a little easier. But after you have worked with some of your slides, […]

How to Enable the Unread Message Icon in Gmail

Your Gmail account has a lot of different customization options. Some of these options let you do things like adjust the way your email is displayed or change the application’s behavior, while others provide some cosmetic adjustments. One such adjustment involves the display of the Gmail icon in your browser tab. Typically there is just […]

How to Hide the Meet Section in Gmail on a Laptop or Desktop

Gmail is constantly adding new features to their free email service, many of which incorporate new ways that you can communicate with your contacts. One of these features is called “Meet” and it allows you to start or join a video meeting right from your inbox. If you often use Gmail’s Meet feature, then this […]

How to Change the Default Normal Text Font in Google Docs

When you start typing text into a Google Docs document, it will use whatever your default font is. If you’ve never changed this before, then it’s likely the Arial font. But if you are changing the font every time you create a document, you might prefer to use something else. Google Docs uses a system […]

How to Move Numbers to the Left Side of the Cell in Google Sheets

When you start typing numbers into a cell in Google Sheets, that data will appear at the right side of the cell by default. This setting is called alignment, and its the way that Google Sheets and other spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel handle the way that your information is displayed in your cells. But […]

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides

Have you ever tried to center something on a slide, only to find that it’s not in the correct place when you print or show your presentation? This is very common, as it’s difficult to manually find the horizontal or vertical center of something. Fortunately Google Slides has something called “guides” that will overlay a […]

How to Change a File Name in the Google Docs iPhone App

When you create a new document in Google Docs, the file will have the name of “Untitled” by default. This can be confusing when you have a lot of documents, so it’s helpful to apply a new file name that’s a bit more descriptive. The Google Docs iPhone app has a lot of features that […]

How to Delete a Picture in Google Slides

Google Slides includes many of the same features that you would find in other presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint. Among the features available in Google Slides is the ability to add a picture to one of your slides. Once that picture is in the slide you can do things like change its coloring, adjust its […]

How to Ungroup Columns in Google Sheets

Grouping columns in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel provides you with a simple method to hide and unhide large groups of data at once. A column grouping in Google Sheets indicated by a gray bar above the spreadsheet with a thing black line connecting all of the grouped columns. If you click on the “-” […]

How to Flip a Picture Vertically in Google Slides

Sometimes the pictures that you have on your computer or in your Google Drive aren’t in the proper orientation. While image editing programs and picture viewing applications usually have a tool that lets you rotate images, you may find that a picture you have added to Google Slides is upside down. Fortunately you don’t need […]