How to Open AOL Mail with Inbox Instead of “Today on AOL”

Almost every popular email provider has some quirks that aren’t appealing to some of their users. Use these steps to make AOL mail open to your inbox instead of the “Today on AOL” news page. Sign into your AOL email account. Click Options at the top-right. Choose Mail Settings. Click the box to the left […]

How to Insert a Picture Into a Google Doc

Adding different objects to a document in Google Docs is a good way to keep your readers’ attention. Use these steps to insert a picture in Google Docs. Open your document from Google Drive. Select the point in the document where you want the picture. Click the Insert tab at the top of the window. […]

How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides

Adding different elements to a presentation can make it much more enjoyable for your audience. Use these steps to add bullet points in Google Slides. Open your presentation from Google Drive. Choose the slide where you want to add bullet points. Click the Text Box button. Draw the text box in the slide. Select the […]

How to Add Another Account in Yahoo Mail

Many people have more than one email account. You may even have them set up on your smartphone. Use these steps to add another email account in Yahoo Mail. Sign into Yahoo Mail. Click Settings at the top-right. Choose More settings at the bottom of the menu. Select the Mailboxes tab. Click Add mailbox. Select […]

How To Change Your Download Folder in Google Chrome

The Downloads folder location is a helpful thing to know if you download any files in Google Chrome. Use these steps to change your download folder in Google Chrome. Open Chrome. Click the three dots icon. Choose Settings. Click Advanced. Select Downloads. Click the Change button. Navigate to the desired folder, then click Select folder. […]

How to Print from Google Docs in Google Chrome

While it’s more and more common for people to be able to share and view documents on computers and mobile devices, sometimes you will still need to print something. Use these steps to print from Google Docs in Google Chrome. Open your document in Google Docs. Click the Print icon at the top-left. Click the […]

How to Split a Google Doc in Half

When you create new documents in Google Docs, content that you add will span from the left margin to the right margin, then proceed to the next line. Use these steps to split a Google Doc in half. Open your Google Doc. Select Format at the top of the window. Choose the Columns option. Click […]

How to Indent Second Line in Google Docs

Some document situations will call for you to indent the second line in a document. Use these steps to indent the second line in Google Docs. Open the document in Google Docs. Click the View tab at the top of the window. Select the Show Ruler option if it’s not already selected. Select the text […]

Can Google Docs Save as DOCX?

While Google Docs is growing in popularity, you may still need to work with Microsoft Word. Fortunately Google Docs can save as DOCX. Use these steps to save a Google Docs file in the .docx file format. Open your Google Docs file. Click the File tab at the top-left. Choose Download, then Microsoft Word (.docx). […]

How to Delete Documents on Google Docs

Documents that you create in Google Docs are stored in your Google Drive so that you can access them from anywhere. Use these steps to delete a document in Google Docs. Sign into Google Drive. Click on the document you wish to delete. Click the trash can icon at the top-right of the window. Our […]