How to Turn Off the Pop Up Letters on the iPhone Keyboard

  1. When you type a letter, number, or special character on your keyboard, the iPhone will display a magnified image of that letter to make it easier for you o see which key you typed. This setting is called Character Preview, and has been a part of the iOS keyboard for quite some time. But until the release of iOS 9, it was not an option that you could choose to turn on or off.

But once you have chosen to install the iOS 9 update on your iPhone you will have a new option in your iPhone keyboard settings for Character Preview, allowing you to disable the feature. Our tutorial below will show you where to go to find this menu so that you can finally turn it off.

Disable Pop-Up Letters in iOS 9

The steps in this article were written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9. This option is not available in iOS versions lower than 9. If you haven’t yet done so, consider updating to iOS 9 to enable this option, as well as others including Low-Power battery mode and Wi-Fi assist.

For reference, the option we will be disabling is the one in the image below, where the letter is magnified when you touch the letter on the keyboard. The letter “D” is being typed in the image below.

iphone character pop up
  1. Open the Settings menu.
open settings
  1. Select the General option.
open general menu
  1. Scroll down and select the Keyboard option.
open keyboard menu
  1. Tap the button to the right of Character Preview. You will know that the option is turned off when there is no green shading around the button. Character Preview is turned off in the image below.
turn off character preview option

Another change to the keyboard in iOS 9 was an option that would switch between upper and lower case letters, depending upon what was about to be typed. That option is also configurable, and you can read the steps in this article to learn how to turn it on or off.

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