How to Sign Out of iTunes on an iPhone 6 in iOS 9

Your Apple ID and iTunes account include identifying information, as well as billing information, that allow you to get the most out of your iPhone. When you are signed into your iTunes account you can purchase apps, music, and movies, as well as use any subscriptions that you currently have. But if you are having […]

How to Turn Off All Vibration on an iPhone 6

The vibration capabilities of an iPhone are an important tool for alerting you to a new notification or a phone call. It is very common to place your iPhone into silent mode when you are at work or someplace where the notification sounds may be inappropriate. However, if you still need to know when someone […]

What Phone Numbers Have I Blocked on My iPhone 6?

Blocking callers and contacts on your iPhone is a great may to minimize the annoyance created by telemarketers and other undesirable sorts. You can block a caller fairly easily, and you will find that you probably use the block function often as you become familiar with the process. Eventually you might be curious about the contacts […]

How to Turn Off Location Based Alerts on an iPhone 6

Location Services on your iPhone are responsible for a number of helpful features. They can assist with driving directions, help locate your iPhone if it becomes lost, and remind you about something when you arrive at a specific destination. This last feature involves something called Location Based Alerts, which will cause app notifications to trigger […]

How to Remove a Favorite from Safari on an iPhone 6

New tabs that you open in the Safari browser on your iPhone typically include a combination of your “Favorites” and the sites that you visit most frequently. The “Favorites” section can be a little misleading, however, as many users will find that this section contains a generic grouping of sites that they might not actually […]

How to Close Tabs on iPhone 6

Whenever you click a link to a Web page that someone copied and pasted into a text message or an email, it typically opens in a new tab in Safari. The system of tabs that Safari on the iPhone utilizes makes it possible for you to have multiple Web pages open at the same time. […]

How to Mark All Emails as Read on an iPhone 6

Unread email messages in the Mail app on your iPhone are usually identified by a small blue dot to the left of the message. If you open the message and read it, then return to the inbox, that blue dot should be gone. But not every email needs to be read, and if you are […]

How to Enable the Last Location Option in Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature can be incredibly useful if you can’t find your device. When the setting is enabled, you can sign into and see where your iPhone is. It’s a really cool feature, and definitely worth checking out, even if your iPhone is sitting right next to you. Unfortunately your iPhone needs […]

How Much Storage Do I Have Left in iCloud?

The Apple ID that you created and use on your iPhone includes certain features, such as iCloud storage. This storage is typically used to store data from the apps on your iPhone or iPad, as well as storing backups of those devices. But the free option for iCloud only includes 5 GB of data, and […]

How to Get an Attachments Folder in Mail on an iPhone

Email attachments can come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and it is now possible to view many of those attachments directly on your iPhone. This takes away one of the barriers that prevented a lot of iPhone owners from using their devices for email more frequently. Many of the more important emails you […]