Why Is My iPhone Battery Icon Yellow?

The icons and status indicators at the top of your iPhone screen can tell you a lot of important information, provided that you know what everything means. So you may be wondering why your iPhone battery icon is yellow if you are used to it being a different color. You are probably familiar with the […]

Why Is There a Crescent Moon Next to a Text Message in iOS 9?

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How to Email a Text Message from an iPhone

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How to Mute While Browsing in the YouTube iPhone App

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How to Clear Local History in the Reddit iPhone App

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How to Turn Off the Passcode Screen on an iPhone 6

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How to Buy a Ringtone on an iPhone

Have you heard a friend, family member, or co-worker’s iPhone ring, and a song or interesting sound was played? This occurs due to a custom ringtone that they have added to their device. Fortunately learning how to buy a ringtone on an iPhone is similar to purchasing other types of content. The simplest way to¬†acquire […]

How to Delete a Contact Picture on an iPhone 6

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How to Stop the iPhone from Automatically Deleting Text Messages

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How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

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