how to do a team leader battle in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – Battle Team Leader Guide

The Pokemon Go mobile game has added a lot of new features since its release in 2016, including some different options for battling. Many of these different battle options will pit you against other players, but there is one option where you can battle the Pokemon Go team leaders, which are controlled by the game. … Read more

spotlight search when open

How to Search iPhone 6

While you may be very familiar with finding the things you need on your iPhone, whether it’s files, emails, or apps, adding more content can increase the difficulty. Fortunately your iPhone has an awesome search feature called Spotlight Search that makes things a lot easier. We will show you how to search your iPhone 6 … Read more

clear cookies iPhone

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone 11

As you visit websites and browse all of the content that you can find online, you will likely wind up with some cookies on your device. These cookies often provide beneficial information that will make your browsing experience better, but some cookies may be harmful, or cause issues when browsing. Therefore you might be wondering … Read more

tap the name button

How to Change Your Bluetooth Name on an iPhone

When you connect a Bluetooth device to another one, then both of those Bluetooth devices can have a name displayed on the other device. This helps to ensure that you are connecting to the correct device. But you may want to know how to change the Bluetooth name on an iPhone if you find the … Read more