How to Log Out of Email on iPhone

Receiving email on your iPhone is a very convenient way to manage your messages. Whether you are keeping up with personal or work correspondence, having your messages be so accessible is often desirable for any smartphone owner. But many people will accumulate multiple email accounts over the years, some of which may end up getting […]

How to Make Chrome the Default Browser on an iPhone 11

In earlier versions of iOS the default Web browser on your iPhone had to be the Safari browser. Fortunately, in iOS 14, it’s possible to use something else as the default, such as Google Chrome. While the default Safari browser on the iPhone is a very good browser that’s fast and integrates seamlessly with many […]

How to Refresh Game Data in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

The Pokemon Go app is very large in size when you download and install it. It also uses a lot of data to handle all of the game’s Pokemon, stops, gyms, raids and more. This is especially apparent if you’re on cellular and check on its data usage. All of this data, coupled with the […]

How to Stop Connecting to Hotspots Automatically on an iPhone 11

Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone once you will typically connect to that network whenever it’s in range. But a subtype of networks that you can join includes hotspots, and it’s possible that you could connect to them automatically when they’re in range, too. If you don’t want to take advantage […]

How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk in the Alexa iPhone App

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo now have a feature called Amazon Sidewalk. This allows your devices to communicate with other nearby Alexa devices like those your neighbors might have. Amazon Sidewalk can be useful for extending the range of your devices if they are far from your router, allowing them to work more effectively. […]

Why Can’t I Access Control Center When an App is Open on My iPhone?

The Control Center on your iPhone provides a simple way to access certain features and settings on the device. Use these steps to allow Control Center access from within an app on your iPhone. Open Settings. Choose Control Center. Tap the button to the right of Access Within Apps. Our article continues below with additional […]

Why Does My iPhone Battery Icon Switch from Black to White?

While some of the battery colors on your iPhone indicate various devices statuses, others are merely cosmetic. For example, your iPhone battery icon can switch from black to white depending on the background color. The battery icon at the top-right corner of your iPhone screen provides a visual indication of the amount of battery life […]

How to Make iPhone Ask Before Downloading Apps Over Cellular

You can configure your iPhone to automatically install apps, and it can even perform these downloads over a cellular network. Use these steps to make your iPhone ask before it downloads apps over a cellular connection. Open the Settings app. Choose the iTunes & App Store option. Select App Downloads. Tap the Always Ask option. […]

How to Use a Purchased Ringtone on the iPhone 6

Customizing a new iPhone is one of the most fun parts of getting it, and there are a lot of different ways to perform that customization. Follow these steps to use a purchased ringtone on your iPhone 6. Open the Settings app. Choose the Sounds & Haptics option. Select the Ringtone button. Tap your purchased […]

How to Enable Low Data Mode on an iPhone 11

Managing cellular data usage on an iPhone is a concern for many device owners. Use these steps to enable low data mode on an iPhone 11. Open the Settings app. Choose the Cellular option. Touch the Cellular Data Options button. Tap the button to the right of Low Data Mode. Our article continues below with […]