how to change font in Google Docs iPhone app

Google Docs – How to Change Font on iPhone

Creating and editing documents used to be something that was restricted to a desktop or laptop computer and was often performed in Microsoft Word. But the proliferation of Google Docs and its subsequent accessibility through mobile apps means that you might need to edit a document and a smartphone, which can leave you wondering how … Read more

how to add a printer to an iPhone 11

How to Add Printer to iPhone 11

Smartphones and mobile devices like the iPhone have become so capable and powerful that they can perform many of the same functions as a desktop or laptop computer. Therefore you might be wondering how to add a printer on your iPhone 11 so that you can print a file directly from the device. If you … Read more

touch the remove button

How to Remove Audible Books from iPhone

The Audible audiobook service lets you purchase books and add them to your Audible library. These books can then be accessed through a variety of different apps and on multiple device, making it easy for you to listen to the titles you own. But when you want to remove books that you have already listened … Read more

how to use caps lock on iPhone 11

How to Caps Lock on iPhone 11

If you often type with a lot of capital letters then you may be accustomed to constantly pressing the Shift key before each letter that you want to capitalize. But this can be slow, and it’s easy to mistakenly type a lowercase letter every now and then. You might be wondering if there is a … Read more

Google Docs mobile how to change text color

How to Change Text Color – Google Docs Mobile

When you are formatting in Google Docs, how to change certain settings like the font style or font size is a useful thing to know. While you might change the font with some frequency, depending on the requirements of your school or organization, it’s possible that you won’t need to change the text color very … Read more

select all of the days

How to Set Daily Alarm on iPhone

Since many people have their phones near them all them time, even when they are asleep, it’s only natural to use the device for whatever tasks it can perform. I, like many other people, charge my iPhone on my nightstand, which is a location that lends itself well as an alarm clock replacement. I do … Read more