How to Update Apps Automatically on iPhone 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping your apps up-to-date on your iPhone 11 is essential for ensuring you have the latest features and security updates. Luckily, updating apps automatically is a simple process that can save you time and keep your phone running smoothly. Let’s dive into how you can set your iPhone to update your apps automatically without lifting a finger!

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Step by Step Tutorial: How to Update Apps Automatically on iPhone 11

Before we jump into the steps, understand that enabling automatic updates will ensure your apps are always current without any action on your part. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of apps and don’t want to update them manually one by one.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 11.

In the ‘Settings’ app, you’ll find various options to customize and control your iPhone’s functionality.

Step 2: Tap on “iTunes & App Store”

Scroll down and tap on the “iTunes & App Store” option.

This section allows you to manage settings related to app downloads and updates.

Step 3: Turn on Automatic Downloads for Updates

Find the “Automatic Downloads” section and toggle on the “Updates” option.

Once this is enabled, your iPhone will automatically download and apply updates for your apps when they become available.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 11 will automatically update your apps whenever updates are released. No more hassle with checking the App Store for updates or worrying about outdated apps compromising your phone’s performance or security!

Tips for Updating Apps Automatically on iPhone 11

  • Ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi to avoid using your mobile data for updates.
  • Keep your iPhone charged or connect it to a power source while updating, as updates can drain battery life.
  • Verify that your Apple ID is correctly set up in the App Store to avoid update issues.
  • Regularly check your available storage space, as updates may not download if your iPhone is low on space.
  • Remember that some app updates might introduce changes to the app’s functionality or interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to update apps manually?

If you prefer to update apps manually, simply turn off the “Updates” toggle in the “iTunes & App Store” settings and update your apps from the App Store when desired.

Will my apps update over mobile data?

If the “Use Mobile Data” option is enabled in “iTunes & App Store” settings, updates may download over mobile data, which can incur charges.

Can I choose which apps to update automatically?

No, the automatic update feature applies to all apps. If you want to update certain apps manually, you’ll need to disable automatic updates and update those apps individually.

What happens if I’m not connected to Wi-Fi?

If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, apps will not update automatically unless you’ve allowed updates over mobile data.

Will automatic updates use a lot of battery?

Automatic updates may use some battery, but they typically occur at night or when your device is connected to a charger.


  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 11.
  2. Tap on “iTunes & App Store.”
  3. Turn on the “Updates” option under “Automatic Downloads.”


Keeping your apps updated is crucial for security, performance, and enjoying the latest features. With the iPhone 11, setting your device to update apps automatically is a breeze, as we’ve detailed above. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll never have to worry about outdated apps again. You’ll also save time and ensure a seamless user experience on your iPhone.

Remember to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi connectivity and battery life when enabling automatic updates. Additionally, managing your storage space is important to allow for smooth app updates. The beauty of automatic updates is that once you set them up, your iPhone does the work for you, keeping your digital life up-to-date with minimal effort.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers their technology to work without much input, updating apps automatically on the iPhone 11 will enhance your smartphone experience. So go ahead, enable those automatic updates, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your apps are always current.

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