How to Send Location on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sending your location on an iPhone is a breeze! You can do it through the Messages app to let a friend know exactly where you are, or via the Find My app if you want to share your whereabouts with a group. Ready to become a location-sharing pro? Keep reading!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Send Location on iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, it’s important to know that sharing your location can be a useful tool for meeting up with friends, guiding them to your current spot, or for safety reasons. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Open the Messages app

Open the Messages app on your iPhone.

The Messages app is the green icon with a white speech bubble. You’ll find it on your home screen or by pulling down on the home screen and typing ‘Messages’ in the search bar.

Step 2: Select a conversation

Choose the conversation with the person you want to send your location to.

If you haven’t started a conversation yet, tap the compose button in the top right corner to start a new message. Then add the contact you wish to send your location to.

Step 3: Tap the contact’s name

Tap on the contact’s name at the top of the conversation.

You’ll see it right at the top of the screen. Tapping on it will bring up more options for interacting with that contact.

Step 4: Tap ‘Send My Current Location’

Choose ‘Send My Current Location’ from the options that appear.

Your iPhone will determine your current location and send a map pin of exactly where you are to the contact. It’s like dropping a virtual pin on a map for them!

After completing these steps, your friend will receive a message with a map showing your current location. They can tap on it to get directions or see it in their own Maps app.

Tips: Mastering Location Sharing on iPhone

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for accurate location sharing.
  • Turn on ‘Share My Location’ in the iCloud settings if you want to share your location in the Find My app.
  • You can share your location for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely through the Find My app.
  • If you’re concerned about privacy, you can stop sharing your location at any time by going back into the Messages or Find My app.
  • For safety reasons, only share your location with people you trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send my location to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone?

Yes, even if the recipient doesn’t have an iPhone, they can still view your location. It will be sent as a link they can open in their web browser.

Will sending my location use a lot of data?

Sending your location is a quick process that uses a small amount of data. However, if you’re sharing your location for an extended period, it could use more data over time.

How accurate is the location I send?

Generally, the location sent is quite accurate, but it can be affected by factors like buildings, trees, or GPS signal strength.

Can I share my location with more than one person at a time?

Yes, you can share your location with multiple people through the Find My app. Just add each person you want to share with.

What if I want to stop sharing my location?

You can stop sharing your location at any time. In Messages, go into the conversation and tap ‘Stop Sharing My Location.’ In the Find My app, deselect the people you no longer want to share with.


  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select a conversation.
  3. Tap the contact’s name.
  4. Tap ‘Send My Current Location.’


Sharing your location on an iPhone can be a real lifesaver in various situations. Whether you’re meeting up with a friend, ensuring your family knows where you are for safety reasons, or just letting someone know you’re on your way, it’s a function that combines convenience with peace of mind. Remember to use it wisely and only with people you trust.

The steps outlined above should have you sharing your location in no time, and the tips provided will help you master this feature like a pro. As always, keep an eye on your privacy settings and be conscious of who you’re sharing sensitive information with. Happy sharing, and remember, your iPhone isn’t just a communication device; it’s also a powerful tool to keep you connected and safe wherever you may be.