How to Remove Clock Icon on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide

Removing the clock icon on an iPhone can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely doable. You’ll need to navigate through a few settings to get it done. Here’s a brief overview: you’ll start by going to your iPhone’s settings, then to the Screen Time section, and from there, you can tweak the settings to remove the clock icon. Don’t worry, we’ll go through the steps in detail below.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Remove Clock Icon on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to do here. The clock icon on your iPhone typically appears when you have set app limits through the Screen Time feature. By adjusting these settings, we can remove the clock icon.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

The Settings app is where you’ll find all the options for modifying your iPhone’s functionality.

When you open the Settings app, you’ll see a long list of options. Don’t feel overwhelmed; we’re just looking for the Screen Time section.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Screen Time’.

‘Screen Time’ is a feature that Apple introduced to help users manage their screen time better.

Once you tap on ‘Screen Time’, you’ll see a bunch of options related to your iPhone usage, including app limits and downtime settings.

Step 3: Tap on ‘App Limits’.

App Limits is the section where you’ve previously set time limits for app usage, which is why the clock icon is showing up.

In ‘App Limits’, you’ll see all the apps and categories for which you’ve set time limits. If you haven’t set any, the clock icon might be showing up for a different reason, and these steps may not help.

Step 4: Find the app with the clock icon and tap on it.

The app with the clock icon is the one you’ve set a time limit for.

Once you tap on the app, you’ll see the specific limit you’ve set for it. This is where you can adjust or remove the limit altogether.

Step 5: Tap ‘Delete Limit’ to remove the time limit.

‘Delete Limit’ is pretty self-explanatory – this gets rid of the time limit you’ve set for the app.

After you’ve deleted the limit, the clock icon should no longer appear for that app. Remember, if you’ve set limits for multiple apps, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each one.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the clock icon that was nagging you should be gone. Your apps will no longer have time restrictions, and you can use them freely – but remember to use your screen time wisely!

Tips for Managing Screen Time and the Clock Icon on iPhone

  • Regularly review your app limits to ensure they still align with your goals.
  • Consider setting downtime periods instead of app limits to avoid seeing the clock icon.
  • Use the ‘Always Allowed’ feature for essential apps that you never want to be limited.
  • If you share your iPhone with others, make sure everyone understands the Screen Time settings.
  • Remember that removing the clock icon means you won’t have reminders about your app usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the clock icon doesn’t disappear after deleting the limit?

If the clock icon persists, try restarting your iPhone to refresh the settings.

Can I set a limit again after I’ve deleted it?

Absolutely! You can always go back into Screen Time settings and set a new limit if you change your mind.

How do I prevent the clock icon from appearing on newly downloaded apps?

When setting app limits, make sure you’re only applying limits to the apps you want to manage, not all apps.

Can I customize the downtime settings to stop the clock icon from appearing?

Yes, you can customize both the downtime schedule and the apps that are affected by it.

Is there a way to hide the clock icon without changing the app limits?

Unfortunately, no. The clock icon is a visual indicator of app limits, so removing the limit is the only way to get rid of the icon.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Screen Time’.
  3. Tap on ‘App Limits’.
  4. Find and tap the app with the clock icon.
  5. Tap ‘Delete Limit’.


So, there you have it – a straightforward guide on how to remove the clock icon on your iPhone. It’s all about taking control of your Screen Time settings and making sure they align with your current needs. Remember, the clock icon is there as a helpful reminder of your app usage, but if it’s more of a nuisance than a help, you now know how to get rid of it. Don’t forget to revisit your app limits from time to time, as your usage habits may change. Happy time managing!

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