How to Restart iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes your iPhone 15 might act up, and a quick restart is all it needs to get back to normal. Restarting your iPhone 15 is a breeze, and you can do it in just a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Restart iPhone 15

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly understand what restarting your iPhone will do. It’ll give your device a fresh start, shutting down all the running apps and clearing out the memory. This can solve a lot of common issues like apps crashing or the device running slowly.

Step 1: Press and hold the side button and either volume button

To begin the process, press and hold the side button (the one you use to wake your iPhone) and either the volume up or volume down button simultaneously.

When you press these buttons, you’ll see a power-off slider appear on the screen. But don’t swipe it just yet; we’re not simply turning off the iPhone.

Step 2: Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone

Now that the slider is on the screen, drag it to the right to turn off your iPhone.

The screen will go black, which means your iPhone is now off. It’s important to wait for the screen to completely turn off before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo

After your iPhone screen has gone black, press and hold the side button once again.

Keep holding the button until you see the Apple logo appear. Once you see the logo, you can let go of the button, and your iPhone will begin restarting.

After you complete the action, your iPhone 15 will start up again. It’ll take a minute or so, and then you’ll be greeted with the lock screen, just like when you turn on your iPhone for the first time each day. Everything should be running more smoothly now!

Tips: Making the Most of Your iPhone 15 Restart

  • Before restarting, close any apps that are running in the background for a smoother reboot.
  • Make sure your iPhone has enough battery charge before restarting, or better yet, plug it into a charger.
  • If your iPhone is unresponsive or the screen is frozen, a restart can often fix the issue.
  • Restarting your iPhone regularly can help keep it running efficiently.
  • If you’re still experiencing issues after a restart, consider updating your iOS or contacting Apple Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I restart my iPhone 15?

Restarting your iPhone can solve a lot of minor glitches and issues, like apps not working properly, slow performance, or connectivity problems.

How often should I restart my iPhone 15?

There’s no set rule, but doing it once a week can help keep your iPhone running smoothly.

Will I lose any data by restarting my iPhone 15?

No, a restart does not delete any of your data or settings. It’s a safe way to refresh your device.

Can I restart my iPhone 15 if the screen is frozen?

Yes, you can perform a forced restart by following the same steps: press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons, then drag the slider.

What’s the difference between a restart and a reset?

A restart simply turns your iPhone off and on again, while a reset puts your phone back to factory settings and erases all your data.


  1. Press and hold the side button and either volume button.
  2. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone.
  3. Press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.


Restarting your iPhone 15 is like giving it a quick massage; it helps the device relax and get rid of any temporary hiccups. It’s a simple yet effective remedy that can save you a trip to the Apple Store. Remember, technology can sometimes get overwhelmed, just like us humans, and all it needs is a brief pause to catch its breath. So, the next time your iPhone 15 is acting up, give it a little restart to help it get back on track. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your iPhone working even better than before!

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