How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card on an iPhone 5

iTunes gift cards are very popular, due to the high number of people that have iPhones, iPads and iPods. The value on the gift card can be used to purchase music, movies, TV shows and ring tones, making them great gift options for people that buy those things anyway. But it is not immediately obvious […]

How to Add Gmail to an iPhone 5

Google’s Gmail email service is one of their most popular products, and it is one of the best free email providers available. So if you are using a Gmail address for your email and you have an iPhone 5, then you probably want to set up the account on the device so that you can […]

How to Delete a Gmail Account on an iPhone 5

You can configure many different types of email accounts on your iPhone, including most of the more popular email providers. Among the email accounts that can be configured on an iPhone is a Gmail account. But if you no longer use your Gmail account and do not want to see any more new messages for […]

How to Switch between Email Accounts on the iPhone

The Mail app on your iPhone has a folder format that makes it possible to navigate between multiple folders and even email accounts. But it also groups all of your emails into an All Inboxes folder where you can simultaneously see all of the messages in all of your email accounts. This might work for […]

How to Upload Pictures from iPhone to Dropbox

It’s pretty common to take a picture or video with the camera on your iPhone and want to have access to it on your computer so that you can share or edit it. Typically this would involve syncing your iPhone with your computer, which can be a bit of a hassle for people that never […]

How to Record Audio with the iPhone 5

Have you ever been listening to something and wished you could record it with your iPhone? Or maybe you have an idea that is difficult to write down, so you want to be able to record yourself talking about it instead? You can do this with a default app on your iPhone 5 called Voice […]

How to Switch Between Keyboards on the iPhone

An iPhone comes with a keyboard layout that is pre-installed based upon the region settings that you select when setting up the iPhone. So if you need to install another keyboard so that you can type in a different language, then you will need to go about adding that keyboard. But even after an additional […]

How to Set a Text Tone for a Contact on the iPhone

Being able to identify a caller on your iPhone by simply hearing the ringtone that plays is a useful option that you can set on your device. You can read this article to learn how. But there are other contact-specific options that you can set, including the tone that plays when a contact sends you […]

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on the iPhone 5

The iMessages that you can send from your iPhone to people that are also using Apple products is an interesting feature with a lot of benefits. One of the upgrades from regular text messages to iMessages on your iPhone is the ability for you to send read receipts to people after you have viewed their […]

How to Reply to an Email on the iPhone

Managing emails on the iPhone is pretty simple using the default Mail app. Once you have set up your email account and are receiving messages, you can perform most of the tasks that you are able to perform when managing your email on a desktop or laptop computer. But it can be a little difficult […]