how to set google chrome as the default browser in windows 8

Changing Default Browser Windows 8 Guide

If you’ve never changed the default browser setting on your Windows laptop or desktop PC, then any links that you click are likely opening in either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. These are installed with Windows by default, and are reasonably good web browsers that many people enjoy using. But if you have a … Read more

how to remove the app store icon from the taskbar in windows 8

How to Remove the App Store Icon from the Windows 8 Taskbar

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen in Windows 8 Desktop mode is a convenient way to access some commonly used programs, as well as see what other programs are currently open. But this taskbar can fill up quickly, so it’s useful to remove unnecessary icons, or icons that you do not use very … Read more

how to add a folder to the video library in windows 8

How to Add a Folder to Your Windows 8 Video Library

Whether you are actively using them or not, the quick links in the left column of Windows Explorer can be very convenient. They allow you to access commonly used locations from any Windows Explorer windows with just one click. But the default settings for these links, specifically your “Library” locations, rely on you to store … Read more