how to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

While you can quickly familiarize yourself with Google Chrome and learn how to do things like open private windows or create bookmarks, you might eventually run into some problems that you need to fix. One particularly bothersome issue occurs when everything seems to be lagging, making it difficult to interact with websites. Luckily there is … Read more

disable hardware graphics acceleration in outlook 2013

How to Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook can run pretty well on most computers that are able to install it. But if you use Outlook heavily, or if your Outlook file is taking up a lot of storage space, then you may find that Outlook can perform better if it’s leveraging some of your other system resources. Often this will … Read more

how to enable or disable hardware acceleration in spotify

How to Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration – Spotify

Hardware acceleration is a feature in the Spotify desktop application that can be enabled or disabled. It’s usually not something users may think about, but it actually has some benefits to your computer and streaming experience. We’ll cover what hardware acceleration does and how you can change it from one setting to another, as enabling … Read more

how to disable hardware graphics acceleration in Microsoft Excel

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Excel for Office 365

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to turn off the graphics hardware acceleration option in Microsoft Excel for Office 365. We review the steps for this action briefly at the start of this article, then go further into the topic with more information and pictures below. You may be interested … Read more