How to Stop Google Chrome Predictions

Google Chrome is a browser that focuses on providing you with the fastest Web browsing experience possible. One way that it attempts to do this by using a prediction service that will pre-populate the address bar with a URL or search query as you begin typing it. This can be very helpful when the prediction … Read more

How Do You Get Rid of Themes in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a very customizable browser, and many of the customizations that are available to you can be applied very easily. And because of the ability to install these themes from directly within the browser, from the Chrome Web Store, you can rest assured that their application to your Chrome installation will be handled … Read more

how to hide bookmarks in Chrome

How to Hide the Bookmark Bar in Google Chrome

Last updated: January 13, 2017 Are you someone that has switched to Google Chrome because of how quick and compact of a browser it is? I know that this is one of the reasons that I prefer to use it, and a big reason for my liking Chrome is the simplicity of the interface. Everything … Read more