How to Turn Off Download Intelligence in Norton 360 v6

In many situations an antivirus program, such as Norton 360, will take the stance that too much protection is better than not enough. While this will work in your benefit in many situations, it can be problematic if you are attempting to run a program that has been flagged by Norton 360 with the WS.Reputation.1 […]

How to View Quarantined Files in Norton 360

When Norton 360 detects a threat on your computer, it may decide to place that file into quarantine. Over time you may forget what threats have been detected and quarantined, or you might close out of an antivirus session too quickly to see what threats have been quarantined. Fortunately you can learn how to view […]

How to Use Norton 360 to Manage Startup Programs

We have previously written about some of the other functions that Norton 360 includes aside from an antivirus program, such as this article that will show you the status of every currently running Norton 360 utility, but one of the more useful ones is the Norton 360 Startup Manager. This program functions similarly to the […]

How to View the Details of Protection Status in Norton 360

Norton 360 has a lot of different applications and utilities that it uses to monitor the status of your system. While there are different ways to access, run and configure many of these options, most people will simply leave them at their default settings. But, even in their default states, you will still periodically want […]

How to Scan an Individual File with Norton 360

We all want our computers to be as safe as possible, which is the reason why you have a program like Norton 360 in the first place. Norton 360 offers you active protection against potential threats, while also giving you the option of running scans to look for something that it might have missed. However, […]

How to Turn off the Norton 360 Desktop Gadget

Norton 360 tries, and generally succeeds, to be a complete security program for your computer. It will protect you from downloading potentially harmful files, alert you when you are visiting a dangerous site and will even tell you when a message in Outlook contains a virus. However, it does some other things that some people […]

How to Turn off Norton 360 Backups

Norton 360 includes a default backup option that will back up some of your important files in their online backup storage. This is a great feature if you do not have any other backup solutions. However, if you are doing something else to back up your files, then you might be wondering how to turn […]

How to Scan a USB Flash Drive With Norton 360

When you install Norton 360 on your computer, you are getting more than just a means to protect your computer from viruses. You also get a firewall, some online backup storage, and some additional utilities to keep your computer running smoothly. But part of the anti virus protection that comes with Norton 360 is an […]

How to Allow Google Chrome Through the Norton 360 Firewall

The Norton 360 security program installed on your computer is able to protect you in more ways than a simple antivirus program. It also includes a powerful firewall that can block network traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Most programs installed on your computer will have a specific setting in the Norton 360 firewall that tells […]

How to Block an Email Address in Norton 360

Sometimes you are going to receive emails that you do not want. This is the price that we pay as Internet users. Whether the unwanted email originates from a list to which you personally added an address, or if it was something outside of your control, such as when one of your friend’s email addresses […]