How to Turn Off Norton 360 Backups

The backup feature of the Norton Antivirus application can be useful if you are able to incorporate it into your system.

But it can be problematic if the backup isn’t working properly, or if you are using something else.

Our tutorial below will show you how to turn off Norton backups so that you stop seeing notifications about it.

How to Stop Norton Backups

  1. Open Norton.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Choose Backup Settings.
  4. Click the button next to Backup to turn it off.
  5. Click Apply to save your changes.

Our guide continues below with additional information on how to turn off Norton 360 backups, including pictures of these steps.

Norton 360 includes a default backup option that will back up some of your important files in their online backup storage.

This is a great feature if you do not have any other backup solutions.

However, if you are doing something else to back up your files, then you might be wondering how to turn off Norton 360 backups.

It can consume some of your system resources, plus it is very easy to fill your allotted free backup space if you have a lot of files on your computer, and the red X that overlays the system tray icon can be unpleasant.

Additionally, if you are using a Norton 360 product that includes licenses for multiple computers that are all using a shared online backup, you may want to leave some of that space for other computers that do not have an alternate backup solution.

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Disabling the Norton 360 Backup (Guide with Pictures)

I have been using CrashPlan to back up my computer for a while and, while the inclusion of a free utility like Norton 360 to back up my files is good for redundancy purposes, I have far more files that I want to back up than the free option can handle and I do not want to pay for additional online storage. Therefore, I chose to disable my Norton 360 backup.

Step 1: Begin by double-clicking the Norton 360 icon in the system tray at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

norton system tray icon

Step 2: Click the white Settings link at the top of the window.

norton settings menu

Step 3: Click the blue Backup Settings link at the center of the window.

backup settings menu

Step 4: Click the green On button to the right of Backup so that it says Off.

click on button to switch to off

Step 5: Click the yellow Apply button at the bottom of the window to apply your changes.

how to turn off norton 360 backups

When you return to the Norton 360 home screen, it should now say Disabled in the Backup section. The ugly red X over the system tray icon will also be gone, and Norton will indicate that your computer is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Norton Online Backup

What is Norton Online Backup?

If you have a subscription to the Norton Antivirus service, then you may also have access to their cloud backup service.

This is an option that you can take advantage of to create a backup of your computer in the cloud so that you don’t lose your information if your computer crashes or is stolen.

Many Norton online backup review articles tout this is as one of the best reasons to have a Norton subscription, and it’s definitely something to use if you are paying for the service.

How can I delete backup set information from Norton?

if there is a backup in your Norton online account that you don’t want or need, then you can use the Norton online backup removal tool to get rid of it.

Simply open the Norton application on your computer, then click Open next to Device security.

Double-click Backup, then choose Backup Sets.

Click the Backup Set dropdown menu and choose the set that you would like to remove.

Click the Delete option to remove it from your online cloud storage.

How do I uninstall Norton online backup?

If you aren’t using the backup feature included with your Norton subscription, then you can remove Norton online backup from your computer the same way you would remove any other application.

Simply click the Search field in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, type “norton online backup” into the search field, then right-click on the application and choose the Uninstall option.

Depending on your computer and its settings you may need to restart the machine after you complete the Norton online backup uninstall.

Now that you know how to remove Norton online backup from your computer you can use this method to get rid of that application or any of the other ones on your computer that you don’t need anymore.

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