How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides

A lot of text in a presentation can easily become monotonous for your audience. Therefore, it’s useful to present that information in visually appealing ways, or to break it up into smaller bits that are a little easier to digest. One way to do this is by using bullet points in your slides. Fortunately Google […]

How to Make a Picture Fly in on Google Sheets

Adding movement to some of the elements in a Google Slides presentation is a good way to spice up your information. It’s fairly common for slideshow presentations to be a little boring in nature, and the addition of a movement effect, such as animation, can help to keep your audience’s attention a little more easily. […]

How to Save a Slide from Google Slides as a Picture

Creating a slide in Google Slides presents you with the ability to add images, text, and other elements. This can be a simple alternative to more complicated and expensive options for creating things like newsletters and flyers. But after you have created your file in Google Slides, you might need to convert it to a […]

How to Create a Link to a Comment in Google Slides

When you collaborate on a project in Google Slides and take advantage of the comment system, then you may find that there are a lot of comments across all of your different slides. This can make it difficult to identify a specific one that requires someone’s attention. Fortunately Google Slides offers the option of creating […]

How to Edit a Comment in Google Slides

Commenting systems in applications like Google Slides allow for an effective way for teams to all work on a document at the same time. Multiple people all editing the some document can be a little unruly, so addressing those edits inside of comments instead can keep things a little more organized, while also allowing everyone […]

How to Remove a Transition from a Slide in Google Slides

Transitions are used in slideshows to add a little extra movement to the presentation. Often the slides in a slideshow will contain only words and pictures, but the addition of an animation effect through the use of transitions can help to keep your audience’s attention. But it’s also very easy to go overboard when adding […]

How to Import Slides from Another Google Slides Presentation

Sometimes you will be creating a presentation in Google Slides that is similar to another presentation, or which could be improved by adding an existing slide that you had previously created. You may be hesitant to redo the work that you already put in when you created that original slide, leaving you looking for a […]

How to Change Layer Order in Google Slides

The drag and drop nature of organizing elements on a slide in Google Slides can create a situation where a slide object is being hidden by another object. Often this can be resolved by simply moving those objects so that they aren’t overlapping, but you may have something, such as a text box, that you […]

Why Isn’t a Slide in Google Slides Showing During a Presentation?

Are you working on a presentation in Google Slides and you have it all ready to present to your audience, but a certain slide isn’t appearing when you are practicing the presentation? This is occurring because that slide is currently hidden from the presentation, and is being skipped. Fortunately this is a setting that you […]

How to Reset a Picture to Its Default State in Google Slides

It’s rare that you will have a picture that you want to use in a presentation that doesn’t require any kind of editing. You can perform a lot of advanced image editing in programs like Photoshop, but you can also do a lot of common edits in applications like Google Slides. But you may eventually […]