how to print multiple slides per page in google slides

How to Print 4 Slides Per Page in Google Slides

It’s common to need to print out a guide for your audience when you’re giving a presentation, but the printing one slide per page may be impractical. Luckily it’s possible to print multiple slides on one page in Google Slides. Creating and presenting a slideshow is often not the entire picture when you are giving … Read more

how to set a theme in google slides

How to Add a Theme to Google Slides

Making your slides look good and formatting them properly can be a time-consuming chore. Since you need to worry about not only the content of the slides and accurately presenting your information, the appearance of the slides might not be foremost in your mind. Fortunately, you can add a theme in Google Slides, which will … Read more

How to Convert Powerpoint to Google Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides are two of the most popular slideshow editing applications, so it’s likely that you will eventually need to use a file from one application in the other one. Microsoft Powerpoint has long been a favorite application for creating and editing presentations that you might need to give for work or … Read more

how to create a bullet list in google slides

How to Add Bullet Points in Google Slides

Adding different elements to a presentation can make it much more enjoyable for your audience. Use these steps to add bullet points in Google Slides. Open your presentation from Google Drive. Choose the slide where you want to add bullet points. Click the Text Box button. Draw the text box in the slide. Select the … Read more

how to delete guides in Google Slides

How to Delete Guides in Google Slides

Have you ever tried to center something on a slide, only to find that it’s not in the correct place when you print or show your presentation? This is very common, as it’s difficult to manually find the horizontal or vertical center of something. Fortunately Google Slides has something called “guides” that will overlay a … Read more

how to delete a picture from Google Slides

How to Delete a Picture in Google Slides

Google Slides includes many of the same features that you would find in other presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint. Among the features available in Google Slides is the ability to add a picture to one of your slides. Once that picture is in the slide you can do things like change its coloring, adjust its … Read more