How to Put Your Last Name and Page Number on Every Page in Word 2013

Some documents need certain types of information in their headers, so it’s likely that you may need to know how to put your last name and page number in the header in Microsoft Word. It is very common for schools to request the last name and page number on every page in Word documents submitted […]

How to Combine Three Columns Into One in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it possible for you to automatically generate and combine data that you have already entered into your spreadsheet. One way that you can do this is the CONCATENATE formula, which allows you to combine three columns into one in Excel. This is a powerful Excel tool to know, as it can help […]

How to Make Curved Text in Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint has a lot of different options for adding elements to a slideshow but some of them, like making curved text in Powerpoint, can be a little tough to find. The visual nature of a Powerpoint presentation typically means that the aesthetics of your slide elements are an important coontributor to how much your audience […]

How to Print Each Worksheet of an Excel 2013 Workbook on One Page

When you have an Excel workbook with a lot of individual worksheets, you might need to print all of those sheets at once, and you may want them each to fit on one page. Microsoft Excel is a great program for managing your data, but it can be a frustrating application when you need to […]

How to Flip a Layer in Photoshop CS5

It’s likely that you will need to know how to flip a layer in Photoshop if there’s text or an image that would look better if it were backwards or upside down. The ability to edit in layers is probably my favorite part about Adobe Photoshop. It opens up a world of possibilities by allowing […]

How to Create a Zip File in Windows 7

Folders are a very helpful organizational tool in Windows 7. They allow you to minimize clutter in larger folders by creating a sort of filing system. But creating a folder doesn’t do anything to minimize the size of the files contained within them, and you can’t send an entire folder through an email. This is […]

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut for a Website in Windows 7

Everyone uses their computer in a different way, so certain options and settings in Windows 7 may not appeal to every user. For example, some people are happy to create bookmarks and other ways to conveniently access their favorite sites, while other people prefer to create desktop shortcuts that they can double-click to open in […]

How to Turn Off Double Spacing in Word 2013

Some documents that you create in Microsoft Word will need double spacing, and some will need single spacing. Depending on your application’s current setting, or the spacing option chosen for an existing document, switching the line spacing can present some challenges, especially if you need to change it for an entire document. Line spacing is […]

How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel 2010

Creating a drop down list in Excel 2010 is something that seems like it should be fairly simple, as its a helpful item to have, and there are a lot of uses for it. But if you’ve ever tried to make a dropdown in Excel, then you may have found that it’s a little more […]

How to Add a Gmail Account in Outlook for Office 365

You may want to add a Gmail account in Outlook for Office 365 if you are using it for work or on your personal computer. Gmail is one of the most popular free email providers in the world, and many of the people that have a Gmail account will eventually want to access that email […]