How to Enable the Developer Tab in Excel for Mac

Excel 2016 for Mac, like all of the other more modern versions of the Excel application, employs a series of tabs at the top of the window that let you navigate through the various settings and tools in the program. But there is one useful tab that isn’t included in the default set of tabs, […]

How to Change the Default Save Type in Excel for Mac

When you use Excel for Mac on your Macbook, files that you create and save will be saved in the .xlsx file type by default. This is the current default file format for Excel on Windows computers and in the online version of Excel, meaning that your Excel for Mac file can be opened by […]

How to Block Camera Permission Requests in Firefox

Certain websites that you visit online will want to have access to some of the components on your computer. This might include your location or your microphone, as well as a webcam. But if you are concerned about a site gaining access to your camera and potentially using it in a bad way, then you […]

How to Stop Websites from Asking to Use Location in Firefox

Many of the websites and services that you use on the Internet will rely on your location in some way. Whether it’s providing you with information about nearby stores or restaurants, or providing search results catered to where you are located, there is a lot of value in this type of personalized information. But if […]

How to Convert Powerpoint to MP4 in Powerpoint 2013

We have previously written about adding YouTube videos in Powerpoint, which lets you add a video element to your presentation. But you may encounter a situation where you are creating a presentation in Powerpoint that needs to be in the MPEG-4 (MP4) video format. While your initial thought might be that you will need extra […]

How to Calculate Age from a Birthdate in Excel 2013

Excel has a lot of tools that can help you calculate values based on data that you’ve entered. You’ve probably had to add up values in Excel before, or maybe even calculate an average, but there is even more that you can do with numerical values that you have entered into a spreadsheet. One other […]

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website from Google Chrome

There are several ways to make websites more accessible in Google Chrome. Whether you save them as bookmarks or favorites, or you like to navigate from your history, you can often get to a site faster than searching for it or fully typing the address of the site. Another option is to create a desktop […]

How to Center Text in Microsoft Word

When you start typing in a Word document that is using the Normal template, all of the text that you enter will be left aligned by default. This means that the first letter on each line will be against the left margin of the page. This is the standard for most corporations and institutions, and […]

How to Make a Table in Excel 2013

Adding data to a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 gives you the ability to sort data, edit it, and perform a number of different mathematical operations and functions on it. But occasionally you might have data that needs some additional formatting or filtering options, in which case it’s helpful to know how to make a table […]

How to Change Your Homepage in Safari 11.0.3 on a Mac

When you open the Safari browser on your MacBook, there’s a strong chance that it is opening to either a Favorites page or a page on the Apple website. You may get accustomed to this behavior and not think much of it, but it is something that you can adjust. Our tutorial below will show […]