How to Switch to the Dark Theme in Firefox

The Web browser on your computer is one of the most commonly used applications for many users, so it stands to reason that you may eventually find its appearance to be a little bland. Fortunately most Web browser offer some customization options that allow you to switch the appearance of the browser, and Firefox is […]

How to Show Firefox Tab Previews in the Windows Taskbar

The Windows taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen shows some icons that you can click to open certain programs. It will also show an icon for a program that is currently open. In some cases it may even have multiple layers behind that icon to indicate that the program has multiple instances. Typically […]

How to Add a Button for a New Private Window to the Firefox Toolbar

Private browsing is a feature found in almost every modern Web browser, and it’s helpful for its ability to let you browse the Internet without remembering your history, or storing cookies. You can open a private window in Firefox by clicking the menu button and choosing the option for a private window, or you can […]

How to Delete an Add-On in Firefox

Add-ons in Firefox can provide some helpful functionality that isn’t available in the default installation of the browser. But, unfortunately, you may discover that the add-on is negatively impacting the performance of the browser or, even worse, is doing something malicious to your computer. if you have decided that it’s time to delete a particular […]

How to Disable an Add-On in Firefox

The number of add-ons available for popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome often allow you to complete tasks more quickly, or add functionality that make the browsers much more useful. But not all of these add-ons wind up working as well as you want, some may be malicious, and others might affect some of your […]

How to Never Remember History in Firefox

If you like your privacy when you browse the Internet, particularly in situations where other people might be using your computer and could see your browsing history, then you may have gotten in the habit of using a private browsing tab, or constantly clearing your history. But this extra step can be a little inconvenient, […]

How to Remove the Search Bar in Firefox and Use the Address Bar for Search and Navigation

The search bar at the top of the Web browser has long provided a simple and convenient way to execute an Internet search without actually going to a search engine. But many browsers have started to add that functionality to the address bar, too, essentially eliminating the need for a dedicated search bar. Firefox is […]

How to Turn Off the Multiple Tabs Warning in Firefox

Tabbed browsing is the standard option when you use a Web browser on your computer. This allows you to have multiple Web pages open at the same time, and it makes it easy to switch between those pages by clicking the appropriate tab. But this creates a new prompt in Firefox where the browser will […]

How to Remove Browsing History from Address Bar Suggestions in Firefox

The suggestions that our Web browsers offer us when we type a website or a search term into the address bar can be helpful in helping us find the terms or URLs that we need. The Firefox browser can compile these suggestions from a handful of different locations, but you may be dismayed to find […]

How to Enable Ctrl Tab Cycling in Firefox

Keyboard shortcuts are a helpful part of applications that permit them, as pressing combinations of keys on your keyboard is often faster than performing the comparable move with a mouse. One particularly useful shortcut in Firefox lets you press Ctrl + Tab on your keyboard to cycle between tabs. But if you often have a […]