how to show the developer tab in excel 2010

How to Show Developer Tab – Excel 2010

Some of the more advanced and impressive tasks that you can perform in Microsoft Excel will include macros. These are bits of code that you can create in excel which will let you automate certain tasks. This can save you a ton of time and reduce errors caused by user input. But Excel macros are … Read more

how to print formulas in Excel 2010

How to Print Formulas in Excel 2010

Configuring the data in the cells of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is often just one part of creating and distributing data. While a spreadsheet may look good on a computer screen, your audience may need a physical copy of the spreadsheet for one reason or another. Formulas are a very important part of the Excel … Read more

how to merge cells in Microsoft Excel 2010

How to Merge Cells in Excel 2010

If you are fortunate enough to be working with an Excel spreadsheet where all of the data can be arranged in the default layout without any additional configuration by you, consider yourself lucky. Individuals making spreadsheets that require no formatting are certainly in the minority. If you have read this article about adjusting your cell … Read more

how to keep leading zeroes in excel 2010

How to Add Leading Zeros in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 does its best to format the data you enter into your worksheets so that it is in the format that it thinks you want. Unfortunately, its choices are not always correct, and Excel might wind up deleting information that is important or relevant. One particular situation you may find yourself in is … Read more

how to repeat rows in excel 2010

How to Get Rows to Repeat at Top – Excel 2010

Learning how to get your Excel rows to repeat at the top of the page is a struggle for anyone that prints or receives a large spreadsheet and finds it difficult to associate a cell of data with the proper column. Many spreadsheet creators will include a row at the top of the sheet that … Read more

how to print a page horizontally in excel 2010

How to Print Landscape in Excel 2010

While some of the spreadsheets that you create in Microsoft Excel will fit comfortably onto a single, portrait sheet, a spreadsheet with a large number of rows will often look better when you print it in the landscape orientation. Fortunately, this is a simple change to make and can be the first step in fixing … Read more

how to change border color in excel 2010

How to Change Border Color in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is an almost infinitely customizable program. Aside from being able to choose, edit and modify every cell in your spreadsheet, you can also set options for how the cells are displayed. This does not apply to only the data in the cells, however. You can also customize the way that the cells … Read more

disable formula updates in excel 2010

How to Turn Off Formulas in Excel 2010

One of the benefits of using Microsoft Excel workbooks instead of a table in a Word document is that you can perform calculations on the data that you enter into your cells. Excel has a wide range of formulas that allow you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and otherwise calculate values that can give you … Read more