How to Skip the Start Screen When Opening Excel 2013

While everyone that uses Microsoft Excel has their own tendencies and preferences, it is common among many of these users to choose a blank workbook when starting a new project. The templates available on the Start screen can improve specific tasks, but you may find that you aren’t personally using them very often. Therefore, the […]

How to Adjust a Spreadsheet to One Page in Excel 2013

There are a lot of different ways to modify an Excel spreadsheet to make it print better. Our guide to printing in Excel covers many of those areas, but manually adjusting column and row sizes, or tinkering with margins until you have achieved the right balance of settings can be both tedious and frustrating. Excel […]

How to Show Missing Worksheet Tabs in Excel 2013

Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets are a great way to coordinate data that might not necessarily belong on the same worksheet, but that is relevant enough to a single topic that it merits combination. Typically you can navigate between different worksheets within a workbook by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the window. But […]

How to Get Rid of a Text Box Border in Excel 2013

Using borders and gridlines in your spreadsheet can provide a clean and simple way to separate information in different cells. But adding borders to your cells is not the same as adding a border to a text box, as Excel treats those two objects a little differently. A text box in Excel 2013 is its […]

Excel 2013 – Set Print Area

Excel spreadsheets rarely print how you want them to, and properly configuring a spreadsheet for the physical page is often cited as one of the bigger frustrations for Excel users. There are some quick ways to simplify the process, such as fitting a spreadsheet to one page, but that isn’t always practical for larger worksheets. […]

How to Add Cell Borders in Excel 2013

Excel spreadsheets show a pattern of lines on the screen that represent the perimeters of the cells. These are called gridlines, and they make it easier to distinguish different cells from one another. But gridlines can be overridden by cell fill colors, so you may be looking for a way to regain those cell perimeters. […]

How to Hide Multiple Rows in Excel 2013

Informative spreadsheets often contain a large amount of data that you can use to answer related questions. But not every situation will require all of the data contained in that spreadsheet, so you may need to remove some unnecessary rows. But deleting rows from your spreadsheet may not be appealing if you need that information […]

How to Add a Border to a Text Box in Excel 2013

While it is customary to display data in Excel in the cells of the spreadsheet, situations can arise where you need to display your information in a way that will not affect the layout of the rest of your cells. An ideal solution to this is a text box, which can be customized independently of […]

How to Insert a Picture in the Footer in Excel 2013

Repeating information at the top of each printed page of an Excel spreadsheet is helpful when you wish to include a report name or some other type of identifying information¬†with the spreadsheet. This can be accomplished by adding a header to your document. The header and footer in Excel can be used for more than […]

How to Zoom in Excel 2013

Many Excel 2013 users will find that they need to adjust their print settings so that their spreadsheets fit better on a printed page. We have previously written about ways to make Excel printing a little easier, but many of the settings that adjust the print size will not affect the layout of the spreadsheet […]