how to print gridlines in excel 2013

How to Print Excel with Lines

A default spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2013 is going to display rows and columns of cells that are separated via a sequence of lines. These are called gridlines, and are useful for making data easier to read. But these gridlines aren’t going to print if you don’t change the default settings, which can leave you … Read more

How to Display Sheet Tabs in Excel 2010

Excel workbooks are actually collections of different spreadsheets that you can use to organize data within one file. But the sheet navigation at the bottom of the window takes up valuable screen real estate and, if you want that extra space to be able to view more cells at once, you might decide to hide … Read more

delete the password, then click the ok button

How to Remove a Password in Excel 2013

Sometimes when you are editing an Excel file you are working with sensitive information. Since anyone with access to your computer or the Excel spreadsheet would be able to view that information, it can be helpful to apply an Excel password to the file. But it may be necessary to later learn how to remove … Read more

click the autofit column width option

How to AutoFit All Columns in Excel 2013

While Microsoft Excel will usually adjust your column width and row height based on the widest cell contained within that column, you may still need to adjust your rows and columns to more appropriate sizes. Fortunately you can use autofit in Excel if you want to quickly change your column width or row height to … Read more

how to print without lines in Excel for Office 365

How to Print Without Lines in Excel for Office 365

Printed spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel for Office 365 can be difficult to read when there aren’t lines separating data. Many people will add these lines to their documents to improve printing, but your current needs may not require those lines. Fortunately you can adjust a setting if you need to know how to print without … Read more

formula bar showing average

How to Find an Average in Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel includes a number of different ways that you can calculate totals or values based on your cell data. But if you need to know how to find an average in Excel 2013 then you may be struggling to locate the average function in Excel 2013. You may know how to calculate an average … Read more

how to expand all rows in excel 2013

How to Expand All Rows in Excel 2013

Many of the formatting changes that you can use in Excel are visible on one of the tabs in the navigational ribbon. Occasionally there tools with have options that specifically apply to an entire worksheet, but many only apply to the current selection. So if you need to know how to expand all of oyur … Read more