How to Remove Duplicates in Excel 2010

Managing information in Excel can be difficult as your spreadsheet gets larger and larger. It becomes even more difficult when you are removing duplicates in Excel 2010 and are trying to do so manually. You may discover that you need to learn how to remove duplicates in Excel 2010 when you are working with data […]

How to Enable Macros in Excel for Office 365

There are some scripts that can be run on Microsoft Excel files using something called Macros. These can be extremely useful, but they can also be dangerous. So if you need them for a file, then you may be wondering how to enable macros in Excel for Office 365. Macros in Microsoft Excel are commonly […]

How to Delete a Header in Excel 2013

Information in the header of a spreadsheet can include things like page numbers, you name, or the name of a report. But if that information is no longer correct, then you may need to know how to delete a header in Excel 2013. It is a very common practice to re-use spreadsheets for new purposes. […]

How to Split Full Names Into Two Cells in Excel 2013

Excel has a lot of helpful features for managing data, and many of them can save you a lot of manual work. For example, you can find out how to split full names into two different cells in Excel 2013 if you need separate cells for first and last names. Properly formatted data can make […]

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel 2010

Text formatting effects like bold, italic, and underline can be useful when displaying data in Excel. But if some of your data has a line through it, then you may be looking for a way to remove strikethrough in Excel. The strikethrough effect in Microsoft Excel 2010 is helpful when you wish to indicate that […]

How to Remove a Password from an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

Locking a worksheet in Excel can be a useful tool depending on how that worksheet is being shared. But someone viewing a locked spreadsheet might need to edit it, so it’s helpful to know how to remove a password in Excel 2010. Microsoft Excel files are often shared between students and colleagues who are attempting […]

How to Center Worksheet Horizontally and Vertically in Excel 2010

Printing in Microsoft Excel can be a frustrating endeavor. The default settings are often not ideal, which can leave you wondering how to do things like how to center a worksheet horizontally or vertically on the page in Excel 2010. By default, Microsoft Excel 2010 will print your spreadsheet based upon how you have configured […]

How to Subtract in Excel 2013 with a Formula

Microsoft Excel can do more than just store and sort data. You can also compare data and use mathematical functions. This means it’s possible to learn how to subtract in Excel 2013. Learning how to subtract in Excel 2013 with a formula will provide you with the gateway into the world of Excel formulas. There […]

How to Print Each Worksheet of an Excel 2013 Workbook on One Page

When you have an Excel workbook with a lot of individual worksheets, you might need to print all of those sheets at once, and you may want them each to fit on one page. Microsoft Excel is a great program for managing your data, but it can be a frustrating application when you need to […]

How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel 2010

Creating a drop down list in Excel 2010 is something that seems like it should be fairly simple, as its a helpful item to have, and there are a lot of uses for it. But if you’ve ever tried to make a dropdown in Excel, then you may have found that it’s a little more […]