How to Rotate Text Vertically in Excel 2010

Text that you enter into a cell in Microsoft Excel is going to go from left to right or right to left based on your keyboard settings. Use these steps to rotate text vertically in Microsoft Excel 2010. Open your spreadsheet in Excel Use your mouse to select the cell(s) to modify. Select Home at […]

How to Open CSV Files with Excel by Default

There a variety of different document types that you may have on your computer, including ones with a .csv file type. These are often files that are best understood in spreadsheet format, but they might not be opening in a spreadsheet application. Use these steps to open .csv files with Microsoft Excel by default. Select […]

How Do You Fill a Cell With Color in Excel?

If you’re wondering how to fill a cell with color in Excel, then it’s probably because you are trying to make your data easier to understand visually. Use these steps to fill a cell with color in Excel. Open your spreadsheet in Excel. Select the cell or cells to color. Click the Home tab at […]

How to Display The Top Row on Every Page in Excel 2010

Repeating the top row on every page when you print in Excel is a great way to make the data easier to read. Use these steps to display the top row on every page in Excel 2010. Select the Page Layout tab. Click the Page Setup button. Choose the Sheet tab. Click inside the Rows […]

How to Make Columns the Same Size in Excel for Office 365

When you create a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, all of the rows and columns will be the same size by default. But as you add data to your spreadsheet and make changes to its layout, it’s likely that you will wind up with columns of different sizes. This can happen because Excel can expand […]

How to Convert a Microsoft Word Table to Excel

While Microsoft Excel features a number of advanced tools and settings to work with data in spreadsheet and table formats, Microsoft Word has some of those options, too. If you’ve created a document in Microsoft Word that needed to reference some data, then it’s entirely possible that you have elected to present that data in […]

Excel Default Font in Excel for Office 365

The Excel default font in most newer versions of Excel, including Excel 2016, Excel 2019, and Excel for Office 365, is called Calibri. ​You can change the default font in Excel to any other font that is currently installed on your computer. You can install a new font by downloading it, then right-clicking on the […]

How to Insert Excel Into Word 2016

The steps in this article are going to show you how to embed an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a document in Microsoft Word 2016. Open your Word document. Click at the point in the document where you want the Excel file to appear. Click the Insert tab at the top of the window. Select […]

How to Clear the Clipboard in Excel

The steps in this guide will show you how to clear the contents of your clipboard in Microsoft Excel. We cover the process at the beginning of the article, then continue below with additional information and pictures for the steps. Click the Home tab at the top of the window. Click the small button at the bottom-right […]

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Excel for Office 365

The steps in this guide are going to show you how to turn off the graphics hardware acceleration option in Microsoft Excel for Office 365. We review the steps for this action briefly at the start of this article, then go further into the topic with more information and pictures below. Open Excel. Click the […]