How to Enable Macros in Excel for Office 365

Macros in Microsoft Excel are commonly used to automate certain processes. The macro is a series of actions that are performed on a spreadsheet, typically saving a large amount of time. But macros can be used maliciously, and there is a risk to enabling macros on a spreadsheet that you have received from an unknown […]

Excel 2013 Formulas Not Working

It can be frustrating, even problematic, when your Excel formulas are not working. We use formulas in our Excel spreadsheets to automatically calculate values for us, or concatenate Excel values, and many of those formulas rely on data that is in several cells. Ideally, when we update the values in those cells, the information displayed […]

How to Enable Formula AutoComplete in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 contains a large library of formulas that offer a variety of different mathematical operations. If you have difficulty remembering all of the formulas contained within the program, then you might find the Formula AutoComplete option to be very useful. This setting allows you to start typing a formula into a cell, at which […]

How to Switch a Row to a Column in Excel 2013

Occasionally you might find that you have laid out data in a spreadsheet in a different manner than you actually need it. This can be frustrating, and the prospect of essentially redoing the exact same task again might not be appealing. Fortunately you can convert a row into a column in Excel 2013 by taking […]

Why is My Spreadsheet Printing So Small in Excel 2013?

I have found that spreadsheets I receive from other people often have some formatting that is already applied. One big one is the print area, which can be a really frustrating thing to solve when only part of your spreadsheet is printing. Many times these formatting issues due to the reuse of spreadsheets that were […]

How Can You Turn Text Sideways in a Cell?

Text that you enter into the cells of an Excel 2013 spreadsheet is typically oriented from left to right. But there may be situations where you need your text to display sideways to make it easier to read. Excel 2013 has a rotation button that offers several ways in which you can turn your data sideways. […]

How to Enable the Fill Handle in Excel 2013

Manually entering a series of numbers into an Excel row or column can be tedious. It’s easy to start typing too quickly and enter an incorrect character, or even to enter the wrong number entirely. Excel 2013 has a tool called the fill handle, however, which can make it much simpler to fill a series […]

How to Skip the Start Screen When Opening Excel 2013

While everyone that uses Microsoft Excel has their own tendencies and preferences, it is common among many of these users to choose a blank workbook when starting a new project. The templates available on the Start screen can improve specific tasks, but you may find that you aren’t personally using them very often. Therefore, the […]

How to Adjust a Spreadsheet to One Page in Excel 2013

There are a lot of different ways to modify an Excel spreadsheet to make it print better. Our guide to printing in Excel covers many of those areas, but manually adjusting column and row sizes, or tinkering with margins until you have achieved the right balance of settings can be both tedious and frustrating. Excel […]

How to Show Missing Worksheet Tabs in Excel 2013

Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets are a great way to coordinate data that might not necessarily belong on the same worksheet, but that is relevant enough to a single topic that it merits combination. Typically you can navigate between different worksheets within a workbook by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the window. But […]