How to Hide Multiple Rows in Excel 2013

Informative spreadsheets often contain a large amount of data that you can use to answer related questions. But not every situation will require all of the data contained in that spreadsheet, so you may need to remove some unnecessary rows. But deleting rows from your spreadsheet may not be appealing if you need that information […]

How to Add a Border to a Text Box in Excel 2013

While it is customary to display data in Excel in the cells of the spreadsheet, situations can arise where you need to display your information in a way that will not affect the layout of the rest of your cells. An ideal solution to this is a text box, which can be customized independently of […]

How to Insert a Picture in the Footer in Excel 2013

Repeating information at the top of each printed page of an Excel spreadsheet is helpful when you wish to include a report name or some other type of identifying information¬†with the spreadsheet. This can be accomplished by adding a header to your document. The header and footer in Excel can be used for more than […]

How to Zoom in Excel 2013

Many Excel 2013 users will find that they need to adjust their print settings so that their spreadsheets fit better on a printed page. We have previously written about ways to make Excel printing a little easier, but many of the settings that adjust the print size will not affect the layout of the spreadsheet […]

How to Save as a CSV File in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is compatible with a variety of different file formats, and you can even choose the default format in which Excel 2013 files are saved. The file type can also be selected on a file-by-file basis, which is helpful when you have contacts that require their data in a particular format. One popular format […]

How to Change the First Page Number in Excel 2010

It is helpful to add page numbers to your Excel 2010 worksheet if there are a lot of pages, or if you think it is likely that the pages might become separated. But if your worksheet is part of a larger printed document, then it could be confusing to the reader if the page numbers […]

How to Print Titles in Excel 2013

Printing an Excel spreadsheet can be difficult when the data that you have is not ideally suited for a piece of paper. It can be helpful to copy the top row to every page in Excel 2013 when your document is going to span multiple pages, but the method in that article can be a little […]

How to See Print Layout in Excel 2013

There are a few easy ways to force your Excel 2013 spreadsheet to fit on one page, which can help to solve many of the print problems that you might be having with your worksheets. But many Excel jobs don’t fit into the same set of criteria, or only some of your spreadsheet might be […]

How to Copy a Worksheet in Excel 2013

Last updated: March 26, 2019 I’ve created many Excel workbooks that contain multiple copies of the same worksheet. Whether the workbook is for a weekly or monthly report where each worksheet is a slightly modified version of the same template, or a worksheet from one book might be effectively used in another, it can save […]

How to Shrink Text to Make it Fit in a Cell in Excel 2013

Data that is entered into the cell of an Excel 2013 worksheet can often be larger than the cell itself. You have probably learned how to resize rows and columns to make them larger or smaller, but you may encounter a situation where you are unable to adjust cell sizes. In this case, the best […]