How to Duplicate Rows in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Duplicating rows in Excel is a simple task that can save you a lot of time when working with large datasets. In just a few clicks, you can copy and paste multiple rows of data, keeping all the formatting and formulas intact. Whether you’re creating a new version of an existing dataset or need to repeat certain data points, duplicating rows is a handy trick to know. So let’s dive into how you can do this!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Duplicate Rows in Excel

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what these steps will accomplish. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to select the rows you want to duplicate, copy them, and then paste them into the desired location in your Excel worksheet.

Step 1: Select the Row(s) You Want to Duplicate

Click on the row number on the left side of the screen to highlight the entire row.

When you select a row in Excel, it highlights the entire row across all columns. This ensures that when you duplicate the row, all the data in that row is copied, including any formatting or formulas.

Step 2: Copy the Selected Row(s)

Right-click on the selected row(s) and choose ‘Copy’ or press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

Copying the row saves it to your clipboard, which is like a temporary storage space. This allows you to paste the row elsewhere in the worksheet.

Step 3: Select the Row Where You Want to Paste the Duplicate

Click on the row number below where you want the duplicate row to appear.

It’s important to select the entire row so that when you paste the duplicate, it doesn’t overwrite any existing data you want to keep.

Step 4: Paste the Copied Row(s)

Right-click and choose ‘Insert Copied Cells’ or press Ctrl+V to paste.

When you paste the copied cells, Excel will shift any existing rows down to make space for the new duplicate row. This keeps all your data organized and ensures nothing is lost.

After you complete these steps, you’ll have successfully duplicated the selected rows in your Excel worksheet. The new rows will have all the same data, formatting, and formulas as the original rows, and they’ll be inserted right where you want them.

Tips for Duplicating Rows in Excel

  • Make sure to select the entire row before copying to avoid missing any data.
  • Use the ‘Insert Copied Cells’ option instead of just ‘Paste’ to ensure the existing data isn’t overwritten.
  • Excel shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V can speed up the duplication process.
  • If you’re duplicating multiple rows, hold down the Shift key while selecting to highlight them all at once.
  • Double-check your duplicated rows to ensure all the necessary data has been copied correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between ‘Copy-Paste’ and ‘Insert Copied Cells’?

‘Copy-Paste’ simply pastes the copied data into the selected location, which could overwrite existing data. ‘Insert Copied Cells’ shifts the existing data down, making space for the new copy without overwriting anything.

Can I duplicate multiple rows at once?

Yes, you can select and duplicate multiple rows at once by holding down the Shift key while selecting the rows you want to copy.

Will duplicating rows also copy the formulas in those rows?

Yes, when you duplicate rows, any formulas in those cells will also be copied exactly as they are.

What happens if I paste in a row with existing data?

If you paste without using ‘Insert Copied Cells,’ you will overwrite the existing data. Always make sure to insert the copied cells to avoid losing data.

How can I ensure that my formatting stays the same when duplicating rows?

When you duplicate rows using the steps outlined above, all formatting will be copied along with the data. Just be sure to select the entire row to capture all formatting.


  1. Select the rows you want to duplicate.
  2. Copy the selected rows.
  3. Select the row below where you want to paste the duplicate.
  4. Paste the copied rows.


Excel is a powerful tool that offers many time-saving features, and duplicating rows is one of them. Whether you’re a beginner or an Excel pro, knowing how to efficiently duplicate rows can streamline your data management tasks and reduce the risk of errors. Remember to use the ‘Insert Copied Cells’ feature to keep your data intact, and don’t forget the handy shortcuts that can make the process even faster. By following the steps and tips provided in this article, you’ll be able to duplicate rows in Excel with ease and confidence. So go ahead, give it a try and see how much time you can save on your next Excel project!

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